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free complete lupus lab workup ~ OMRF
If you're interested in participating in a Lupus study, please log on to OMRF.org to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.
Thank you Miss Aletta and your Hubby (for his Phenomenal Service!!!)
for sharing the link with me.
The OMRF is sending me a copy of my Complete Lab Workup, and I will provide the copy to my primary.
My initial Discoid Lupus diagnosis was by a dermatologist at OK Health Sciences 'University' so I have a fondness for the great work they're doing in Oklahoma!
This is a very reputable organization ~ they've authorized me to share there link with you!

Best regards to all of you searching for answers ~ and relief.
Many women here have been wonderful to me ~ I thank you all so much!
Hopefully I've gotten all of you clicked on my friend request link ~ if not, hit me up!

My discoid lupus lesions are hellacious!!! There's no mistaking mine for anything else! Ugh!
Don't know if I should post my lesion pic's here... so embarassing.
Still fighting incredible fatigue ~ 6 mo. now... thank goodness I live where there's a lot of rain, another ugh.
Love & Light ~ Wosh.
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