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not diagnosed but have a few questions
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not diagnosed but have a few questions

Hey everyone I'm not diagnosed with Lupus but my pcp thinks I might have it. I have seen two Rheumatologists who all say no with in the first 5 minutes. They said because I don't have arthritis that I don't have it. I do have a positive ANA and everytime I'm tested for it it does get higher. Here are some of my symptoms; fatigue, muscle fatigue and weakness, tingling in hands feet legs and face, headaches, heat intolerance and balance issues. I do have some joint pain but I think its from past injuries. I don't always get inflammation or redness so no arthritis. I've been tested for Lyme they said no. I've also had an mri of the head which came back normal. So kinda unsure. How do they judge if you have Lupus and do you have to have arthritis? I've heard there is 11 things but what are they? Thanks for listening sorry was kind of long.

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Hi Ashley, and welcome to MedHelp.

How high was your ANA?  And what pattern is it?

1 Malar rash - fixed red rash over the cheeks
2 Discoid rash - red patches of skin associated with scaling and plugging of the hair follicles
3  Photosensitivity - rash after exposure to sunlight
4  Mucosal ulcers - small sores that occur in mucosal lining of mouth and nose
5 Serositis - inflammation of the delicate tissues covering internal organs
and abdominal pain
6 Arthritis - very common in lupus, pain in the joints  
7 Renal disorders - usually detected by routine blood and urine analysis
8 Neurological disorder - seizures or psychosis
9 Haematological disorder - haemolytic anaemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia  
10 Immunologic disorder - tests on LE cells, anti-DNA and anti-SM antibodies  
11 Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA blood test) - when found in the blood and the patient is not taking drugs, it is known to cause a positive test for lupus in most cases, but is not necessarily conclusive  

Other test done to help diagnose:

Full Blood Count (FBC) - Detects anaemia, low platelets, low white blood cells

Creatinine and electrolytes - Measures the salts in the blood and gives an idea of kidney function

Liver function tests - Includes measurement of liver enzymes (indicator of liver cell damage). Measures albumin (marker of kidney problem with leakage of the proteins)

ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) - A marker of non-specific inflammation, tends to be raised in lupus

CRP (C-reactive protein) - Another inflammatory marker, but this does NOT usually go up in Lupus

Urine - Measure protein and blood cells in urine (should be none). Identify ‘casts’ (blobs of protein escaped from the bloodstream because the kidneys are leaky)

Blood clotting tests - Tell how ‘sticky’ the blood is. Includes ‘lupus anti-coagulant’

Immunological tests

Fever (90-95%)
low vit D levels
abdominal pain
chest pain
shortness of breath
blood in urine
hair falling out (27%)
fatigue (90%)
muscle pain and weakness (90%)
poor memory
poor circulation in fingers and toes
tingling in extremities
weight loss
blurred vision
raynauds (where fingers turn white when cold)
intollerance to cold
sore throat
lymph node swelling (50%) name a few

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If I remember right one of my ANAs was 1:80. Not sure about pattern. I guess I don't really qualify for any of the 11 so I can see why it was a no then. Wish doctors would tell you that. Back to square one thank you. I see a neurologist Thursday and another rhuematolgist next week, see what happens.
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Your ANA is really low and is considered negative.  

Has anyone checked you for fibromyalgia.  Another possibility is chronic fatigue, or lymes.  I know they tested and it came back neg.  But that doesn't necessarily mean its the end of the story.  Another tick born illness is Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick.  I would suggest you pcp test you for that.  There is a lyme test that others suggest, but I'm not as familar w/ what it is called.  Something about Western Blot.  I encourage you to do a search on MedHelp.

Another possiblitly is low vit D level.  Ask your dr. to test your vit. D.

Also ask about B-12.  Low b12 can cause tingling symptoms.  Low magnesium levels can cause muscle spasms and neuro type symptoms.

Just a few things to consider.

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