Ovulation Pain VS. Implantation Pain?
by BabyVol, Nov 23, 2006
Hi ladies! 2 questions:

1.) Can anyone describe for me the difference between an ovulation pain and an implantation pain? Or is there pain at implantation? I had a horrible, but brief pain on the 16th that doubled me over. It felt like a pinch or "catch", it was awful, but just for a second or two. I have had this feeling before,  but never thought to document anything until after my M/C on 10-31-06.

2.) can anyone tell me if it is possible to have implantation with no bleeding?

TTC.....and TTL (trying to learn) thanks so much all of you!
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by BabyVol, Nov 24, 2006
oh good, i was too upset during my last gyno visit, had a m/c on halloween. our first pregnancy....sheesh. but we are trying again and i havent heard much about this stuff, so thank u for your info and baby dust to you!!!! :)
by bani29, Nov 24, 2006
Hi! I have never been pregnant myself but i have read and heard from my gynac that implantation without bleeding is possible.Infact only a very small percentage of ladies bleed or spot during implantation.The majority do not have any bleeding.
   As for the pains,I am not too sure.I myself get sharp pains during ovulation but they are not that horrible....quite tolerable in my case.Even i am ttc and ttl.Good luck to you.
by *heartagram*, Nov 24, 2006
On the 17th of this month I had something similar. I was fine one minute walking down the road with a friend and the next minute I was lying in the fetal position on the sidewalk because the cramping hurt so bad, it only lasted a few minutes. I still don't know what it was so I have made an appointment with my doctor.
by Hope2OneDay, Nov 24, 2006
I always had pain during the moment of Ovulation. It was a brief, sharp pain on either my right or left side (depending on what ovary the egg popped out of! :-)
It lasted about 5 minutes in most cases, and was not unbearable...just unpleasant.

I had no implantation bleeding (as the poster above's actually quite rare to have spotting...the majority of women DON'T, but there are the exceptions)

As for pain during implantation...I wouldn't know the difference between that and regular "pregnancy" pains. Most women feel crampy during the first few weeks of pegnancy anyway, so it would probably be hard to tell if any pain was due directly from implantation. But...that's just my opinion!

Good luck!
by alwaysirregular, Nov 27, 2006
I actually had implantation pain before. It was so bad I just held my side and went to sleep on the couch. I woke up about 3 hours later. A few days later i got all the signs of being pregnant. My son is now 8mos!
by Nika29, Aug 02, 2007
well i have 2 children but every pregnancy is different i had a miscarrage in february and my husband and i are trying again. i think i may be pregnant now because we had sex on the days that i was ovulating i suppose to have a period on the 6th of august but i don't think that i'll have one because at this moment that i'm typing this i have some pains in the abdomen area and but for the past 2 nights i been unable to lay on my stomach like i normally do because it feel like something is there. Also i have thrown up like last weekend 1 time and again this morning.I think i may be pregnant but not sure i have no breast tenderness, or none of that just feel sleepy all the time here lately. If you have anymore info that will be helpful in helping me then let me know. Also i took a pregnancy test today it was negative but i know i have been reading and it's been like wait until after your missed period is the best time to take it so i'll give it until the 7th and if i don't get my period on the 6th then i'll already know what it really is I'M PREGNANT. Thanks Yall Good Luck On The Ones Trying To Get Pregnant
by jozi mom, Aug 19, 2007
i have dull pain on the right side of abdomen - have a 2yr old . that preganancy was almost non exsist, no pain. no cramps no nausia - so expected the same this time worried that the pain may not be pregnancy related...hav been ttc for 4 months now
by A Woman, Sep 16, 2007
January 13th 2000 I started my period, did a home pregnancy test Feb. 9th and found out i was pregnant. The signs i had in those 2 weeks before the test:
1.  a few seconds of sharp stabbing pain in the right lower side below where the ovary might be, in the pelic wall about 4 days after ovulation.  
2.  feeling pucky especially when hot
3.  flu like symptoms one day
4.  pressure, twinges and digging-in pain off and on that continued daily at the site of implantation.

(Other times i've had similar twinges and slight digging pains that weren't as strong but continued until i had a regular period. I heard only about 1 in 10 pregnancies result in a baby.)
I remember feeling pucky when riding in the car over speed bumps.
I had so many symptoms right away that it was quite obvious i was pregnant. I just didn't pay that much attention because of the other times i thought i was pregnant and had a period.
by tryingjuly2010, Jul 31, 2010
I am 28 years old and my husband and I have decided to have a baby.  I went off the pill and the first day of my last period was the 10th July 2010, meaning that I should have ovulated around the 23rd July or so.  It is my first month off the pill, so perhaps what I am feeling is my body re-adjusting, but about 6 days after ovulation I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible pain in my lower abdomin.  It only lasted a few minutes, but was horrible.  Could this be implantation pain or just ovulation pain?  I did spot a little before that??  My breasts, inparticular my nipples, are sensitive, which I have never had before, on or off the pill.  Could I be pregnant already??