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  My 4 year old daughter and I both have bumps on our arms and legs.  The bumps do not itch, but make the skin very rough.  They resemble white-heads.  We both swim in the pool alot.  We were told that we had mollusca.  What is it? How do we treat it?
  Thank you for your help in advance.
Dear Maggie:
Thank You
Molluscum Contagiosum is a viral skin infection caused by a poxvirus.
The lesions usually present as white pearly , dome shaped papules( bumps) in varying sizes.
It's usually a self limiting disease , an average attack would last 6-9 months . Some lesions may persist for years , and can spread to others.
Avoid sharing baths and towels until the lesions are cleared.
beware of transmitting the lesions to someone who has eczema or has an immune deficiency , they tend to develop hundreds of lesions .
if you find the lesions bothersome , a dermatologist may help by curreting them out or freezing them with liquid nitogen . One advise is , don't overtreat them as scarring may occcur.
Disclaimer : this information is for educational purposes only.
Keywords: Molluscum Contagiosum*( dermatology).

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