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Tiredness feeling
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Tiredness feeling

Hello everyone,

I'm a 30 years old and for the last 2 months, I've been  suffer from tiredness and irritation.
Even standing for too long is a problem, because I have this feeling of falling down always(I fell once
actually). Now, I have to think too much to remember even simple thinks.

I recently suffered from Uninary track infection and received an infection of ceftriaxone (4 times), and some other antibiotics. The infection disappeared, but  I started feeling weak and tired right after the injection.

My blood analysis revealed a sedimentation rate that was too high(+++), but the doctor did not prescribe any medicines.Other tests: HIV, Hepatitis, Diabetes were all negative.

My Other symptoms include: Dry throat, dry hands and feats (But I take enough liquids) .Strange blue color appearing in small parts of my hands.  

Can you guys advice me what to do? What type of tests/doctor can I see for consultation?

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I had very similar symptoms to yours. I had a very difficult time remembering things; my thought process was scattered, to say the least. Often times I felt cold, and slow. I was only comfortable bundled up in a blanket while sitting by my heater vent. My appetite was almost non-existent and I had an uncontrollable urge to chew on rubber, plastic and dried nail polish. I began developing white spots on my gums and tongue and I began to bruise easily. I was extremely tired all the time. Even gathering the strength to walk to the restroom was difficult for me to do. I slept very well at night, and I'd sleep most of the day, but I was always so tired. It wasn't until I doubled over in excruciating abdominal pain one night & practically passed out, that my husband rushed me to the local ER. There it was determined that my hemoglobin was 5.8 and my ferritin levels were less than 1. I was admitted to the hospital and given four units of blood, thus increasing my hemoglobin to 8.0. My ferritin levels increased after a series of Veinofer infusions over a number of weeks. Evidentally, I had lost a lot of blood from bleeding ulcers in my small intestine (I have Crohn's Disease). Interestingly enough, I always felt like Wonder Woman after each blood transfusion and iron infusion. My life followed that patteren for about six years, until earlier this year. That's when I had the affected segment of my small intestine removed. I now have an ileostomy and my quality of life is much better. Maybe you can ask your doctor about possible anemia? Have you had your hemoglobin checked, or your ferritin levels? I hope I've been some help to you. Good Luck!
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Thanks for the support Gerti.I've already had my hemoglobin checked and it was found to be normal. Also, my doctor checked my eyes and told me that I don't have signs of anemia.

I'll have my ferritin levels checked as well and will let you know about the results.

Thx for helping out.
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No problem at all. Yes, please keep me posted.
Be well! =)
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Hey eck2012.

Your doctor correctly did not prescribe any meds because of your high sed. rate.
This test only measures the speed of the red blood cells falling at the bottom of a test tube in an hour.  Certain imbalances and conditions in the body prompt the production of some proteins in the blood, causing the red cells to stick together and drop to the bottom. The faster they drop the higher the sed. rate and the higher the systemic inflammation or infection in the body. This test is not very reliable in lower numbers, but its reliability increases in the higher numbers. It is only indicative of infectious conditions and so-called auto-immune disease.
What was the very high sed. rate?
Have you been tested for Candida?
You can do your own preliminary test at home if you wish.
Just do a YouTube "saliva test for candida" search.
If you test positive at home-takes very little time- then you can
explore this further with your PCP.
Hope this helps.
Keep us posted.

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