MEN...i also need an honest answer!
by kchick, Nov 20, 2006
gosh, i already feel a little embarassed about posting this question, but i really would like an honest answer! Trying to keep this short,I guess as surprising as it is I have been somewhat naive to the fact that men think large labia minora are disgusting? My husband loves mine (ugh, sorry i am just trying to explain my insecurity)even though i've always felt like I was not sexy "down there". I've asked him about mine before and of COURSE I always get the "i love it" (because he knows if he said anything else he'd never get it! so i will never get a TRUE honest answer) Anyways, the other day a couple of my co workers (one female and one male, sadly regarding a patient)made the remark about a "roast beef *****", and how much would you do "that" for etc (sick, i know)... i had never heard that term but right away I was pretty sure I knew what they were talking about. Just a bit ago I looked up the term online and my suspicions were correct. I truely want to know the general feeling on this. Is it not sexy to have large labia minora? Does having large labia minora mean you have a "loose *****", and are not the "ideal tight..." Sorry to be so descript. Is having larger labia minora mean that your tendency to smell bad down there is greater? Again, I would appreciate honest answers, I am not looking to hear "if your husband enjoys it that is all that matters". I just want to know!!! Thanks to everyone who replies to this.
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by stupidmop, Nov 20, 2006
To be honest, the size of the labia is never a make or break factor when it comes to being attracted to a female. I would not worry about it, and I would accept that your husband likes it. Don't worry. You're fine.
by kchick, Nov 20, 2006
thanks, i know its not something i am stressing over, again like i said, my husband is content.  but i just really wondered!!! its not something that is going to make me self conscious or anything, i am just truely curious! my coworkers were really making fun of RBP, so i just assumed it was a not so hot quality, you know? i dunno, but thanks.
by leif ericson, Nov 20, 2006
wow, to bad, you missed a great run on this same question a while ago from some poor girl who worried about hers.  the general thought on this was that your just awesome the way you are, and that most guys (myself included) are happy enough to
be in bed to begin with, to gripe about something so trivial.
we are all different in some way, spend enough time on the mens health forum and you'll see what we yap and stress about all day.     is too small, is it too big, is it ment to be this color, whats this thing on it ?......    you get it ?   your cool.       worry about the weather instead ! haha     l.e.
by leif ericson, Nov 21, 2006
sorry, did not want to imply that you were stressed in any way.
i'm glad things are cool.        l.e.
by sunseeker, Nov 27, 2006
I'll Diddo L.E. and add....There's no such thing as an ugly vagina (and all the parts that comes with it).  And it in no way can it effect your smell down there. That would be a different issue for the ladies to discuss.  

by LDonegan, Nov 28, 2006
My thought is that like that of men with Penis Envy it may be the same with the Ladies with their genital Organs as well.

My opinion as a male that has played the court with many a woman is that be happy with what God Gave you. I say this because a dear lady friend is having to have reconstructive surgery there and has been told that she may not ever have the sexual appearances there she once had.  The accident she had was the type that nearly took her life.

TO me a woman's ***** is a form of art that our good God gave you and the same goes for the guys with their cocks and the sizes they are concerned with.  

Be grateful for what you have. If you can have sexual Intercourse, or enjoy the sexual act and derive pleasure then be grateful as it can always be worse than what it is.

by leif ericson, Nov 28, 2006
men don't have "penis envy" (we have them) but woman do (some) !
by oceans3, Nov 28, 2006
oh yes...psyc 101 is coming back to me now. if i remember correctly, "penis envy" is a stage of sexual development that us gals go through when we realize we do not have one. we desire a penis and the power it represents! oh, we fall in love with our mothers and our fathers. better than XXXX today!
as for you boys...its all about "castration anxiety". a time of sexual development when you boys realize you have something hanging when we do not. you fear its about to be chopped off. OUCH! that is why.. my male friends... you always have your hand/s down in your pants. its because of this term (castration anxiety). you are just making sure "its" still there! you never proceeded to the next level of development i guess..LOL!
its all much more complex than that and we have our good buddy freud to thank. you should check it really very facinating.
by leif ericson, Nov 29, 2006
i was not attacking woman, just getting terminology straight for
the other poster.  and i myself NEVER fell in love with a family member YUCK !!  and i never worried about my penis in the way you described, from day one i saw my penis in the same way darth vader sees his light saber, and the force has been with me ever since. hahaha             i love ya oc3, but i just had to respond. sorry      l.e.