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One thing I do want to  say to all my fellow Men out there- Do not let this problem define you. Although there is the physical discomfort it is more of a vanity issue.  I have always had a small penis but it has not prohibited me from meeting and laying with a fair amount of good looking women.  Some even want to marry me.  My Dad had a small penis also and he married a beautiful, caring woman and had 3 kids.  My Brother, who although I haven't seen his penis since we were two, probably is not that well endowed either and at age 40 he married a good looking 25 yr old and had 3 kids.  Sure, we all want to have a nice package, and most women would probably like that too.  Of course, they have their own problems: small breasts, big butts, cellulite, just to name a few.  Unfortunately, as a society, we hold ourselves, and each other, way to responsible for physical attributes we can do nothing about.  It's just how the genes and chromosomes got mixed up in the soup.  It's not our fault, It's not God's fault, It's not our parents fault, it just is what it is.  Thankfully, there are plenty who see past all that, like Ms. Wooten, so let's give ourselves a break.  
So, after saying all that, I do hope that this problem gets more attention and maybe some more concrete answers
because, well, I'm here.  I'm as vain as the next guy, or gal, and would like to be able to stop and reverse this change that's happening.  Thanks to all the researchers and doers who will keep pushing for answers and may we all find peace of mind.
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