Swollen Epididymis?
by abshutt, Jan 25, 2009
- I am 20
- I am a virgin (to eliminate any idea of STDs)
Ok so a few days ago I noticed that I was having a little pain in my right testicle. When I checked it I found that a part of the Epididymis was swollen and very tender to the touch. When applying pressure to the swollen area it was painful. The testicle itself doesn't hurt, just the swollen area. I noticed that taking a warm bath relieved the pain as well as laying down. The only time I feel pain/discomfort is when pressure is applied to the swollen area or I am sitting on a hard wooden chair. I have no blood in my urine and no pain while urinating. I noticed that at times the testicle seems bigger (when standing or moving around a lot). Hot baths and laying down reduce the size of the testicle. Also they hang at about the same length (the sore one isn't drawing up or anything). I just started taking Ibuprofen today and it has seemed to help. Also a few days before this all started I had a similar occurrence but I took a Flexeril and drank a few bottles of water before going to bed and the next morning it was fine. Could this be caused by tensing up in that area while masturbating? Anyone have any idea what the cause of this could be or what it is?
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by bc100, Sep 17, 2009
Hi Abshutt,

I have the same thing.  My story is a little differnet though.  4 months ago I ws passing a bowel movement and afterward my left side had a dual ache.  1 day later the pain moved down to my left testicle and I had a swollen  epididymis.  The urologist said it was epididymitis and gave me antibiotics (doxcycline) and anti-inflammatory.  I got better but then came back at the end of tratment.  The he gave me 2 months of cipro, that didnt work either.  I then had a ultround down and he diagnosed me with varicocele vein.  I had surgery and it was a rough recovery.  It has been 6 weeks since the surgery and myt left testicle is twice the siz of the right and painful.  Again it is the epididymis that is swollen again.  I am at lost of what to do.  Tell me, did your symptoms get better?  What did you have done?
by win4131, Sep 17, 2009

I have the same problem. I was at my gp today and he gave me antibiotics. He said that it is a infection. About 3 months back i had the same problem and as with you he notice my left testicle is bigger then the other on and hangs lower. I am so irritated by this it is my second time!!!!!! What does it mean when one hangs lower then the other?