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    levitra eye problem-i've been healthy my whole life until i used levitra-i had used it for some months,then i noticed a big buldge in the white part of my right eye one day-i didnt associate it with levitra at the time cause i never used medications b-4,i was dumb enough to think they wouldnt make a medication that could harm me-so i was going to go to eye doctor but in a few days,i saw the buldge was shrinking ,so i thought,good,its going away and i'll be ok-it shrunk over the next couple weeks,but then my vision went blurry in that eye-since then i been to the eye doctor several times,but their tests are not discovering whats causing the blurriness-this all happened b-4 the levitra eye warnings were made public-apparently i dont have NAION,but i want to know-HAVE OTHER PEOPLE HAD THIS SAME PROBLEM?i'm in the st.louis,mo. area


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