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night sweats
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night sweats

Is it normal for a outwardly healthy 63 yr old man to have night sweats so bad he wakes up dripping wet with his mattress and pillow soaked?
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Not a doctor... I am aged 36 and had the exact same issue but for me it was found to be the pain medications I was taken. As it was increasing my body temperature and when I went to lay down I would finally relax but my body was working in over drive, and daily washing of pillows is or can be a pain in the but! I know from personal experience :)

I wanted to know more and I think I found some good info that I researched that may show that even if you are not on a lot of medications, or necesarily with any other types of ailments it is quite possible and somewhat normal for what you are experiencing.

What is below is NOT from me but from research I did to try and get you some more information!

Night sweats are sometimes perceived as a particularly feminine complaint, since they are a common symptom of menopause. However, a report published by James Mold et al. shows that the risk for night sweats and even hot flashes increases with age even in men.

In order to study night sweats in elderly patients, the medical investigators questioned 2,767 patients, 41% of whom had had night sweats within the month. Of those patients, 23% reported night sweats alone, while 18% suffered from of daytime as well as nighttime sweating.

Although both men and women suffered from their most intense and most frequent symptoms from the ages of 41 to 55, this report focused on aged subjects in order to isolate the effects of night sweats themselves from the effects of menopause and its associated symptoms. Night sweats during menopause are usually caused by estrogen deficiency, but because both older men and postmenopausal women experience night flashes, in this older group that is less likely to be the case. In this study, 30% of patients over the age of 65 reported night sweats.

The investigators asked the subjects about the frequency and degree of strength of their night sweats, as well as to what degree the patients found them troublesome. 10.3% of questioned patients answered that they were noticeably disturbed by night sweats: 70% described night sweats as causing them some trouble, "20% a fair amount of trouble, and 10% a great deal of trouble."

Night sweats in aged subjects were also associated with bodily and visceral pains: 97% of patients reporting night sweats also suffered from body pain (in the muscles, joints or bones), while 68% noted visceral pain (in the stomach or chest, genitals, oral pain, headache or eye pain). Fever, muscle cramps and tingling were also associated with night sweats, perhaps due to dehydration and mineral and potassium loss. Anxiety and nervousness were also associated with patients suffering from night sweats.

Although the precise causes behind the increased incidence of night sweats in the elderly have yet to be explained, the investigating team concluded that there is an increased risk for night sweats in men and women alike who are aged 60 or older.


Night sweats are among the most common disorder encountered by men and as the name suggests, it refers to abnormal and excessive sweating during the night and especially while sleeping. What differentiates normal sweats and night sweats is that the latter arises due to an overheated environment such as using too many bed clothes or the bedroom being unusually hot. In case of night sweats, the affected person experiences what is known as hot flashes which result in drenching the sleepwear and bed sheets. Here's an insight on the various night sweat in men causes.

What Causes Night Sweats in Men

Night sweats in men causes are difficult to be pin pointed, however, there are certain conditions which have been related to the night sweats. One of the them is the low testosterone levels which is the main cause of night sweats in older men. The condition is known as andropause and is defined as a stage wherein, there is a decline in testosterone levels in men having age between 40 and 55. It is similar to menopause in women. Due to this phenomenon in some men, false signals are sent to the hypothalamus (the temperature control center in the brain), that the body is overheated. As a response to this signal, the body reacts immediately in order to ward off the excess heat causing night sweats in men.

Apart from andropause, other major night sweat in men causes are certain medical conditions which have also been associated with the disorder. Tuberculosis, endocarditis (an infection of your heart lining), certain bacterial infections such as brucellosis, abscesses (symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue), thyroiditis, hypoglycemia, osteomyelitis (bone infection) and diabetes are all night sweats in men causes. Men suffering from HIV/AIDS experience night sweats as one of the symptoms. Cancer can also cause excessive night sweats in men as it causes sudden rising and falling body temperatures.

Doctors have also studied that diseases like pheochromocytoma (a rare adrenal gland tumor), syringomyelia (a fluid-filled cyst in the spinal cord), non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia and autonomic neuropathy (damage to your autonomic nerves) may also account for some potential causes of night sweats in men and in women as well.

Amongst the causes of night sweats in men, diseases such as pheochromocytoma, carcinoid syndrome and hyperthyroidism are also responsible which are all hormone disorders of the body. Other causes for night sweats in men, although rare, are attributed to neurologic conditions. Examples include, autonomic dysreflexia and post-traumatic syringomyelia, stroke.

Other than diseases, administration of certain medicines may also be included among the different night sweats in men causes. All types of antidepressants, psychiatric drugs, etc., have night sweats as one of their side-effects. Stress may also be one of the common causes of night sweats in young men. Anxiety pertaining to work pressure, relationships, family turmoils and the like may also lead to night sweats.


Could not put all the bad information without putting something in there that may help the situation!!! Sorry if it is long but I wanted to provide you with some valid data... I know it can be a pain in the but! I wish you the best!!!


Night Sweats In Men Treatment

Treatment of night sweats in men and women is primarily targeted towards countering the underlying causes, some of which have been cited above. Practices such as relieving stress before going to bed, sleeping in a well-ventilated room and using bedding made from an breathable fabric such as cotton, could provide great deal of help in treating night sweats. Herbal teas, flaxseed oil, soy products, etc., help in reducing the incidents of night sweats.


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