Chronic Nose Pain
by Alice_T, Jan 09, 2008
I have recently seen an ENT specialist about ongoing sinus pain (an ache) that I have been having in my nose and around my eyes for the past year. I do not have the usual symtoms of a sinus infection such as infected mucus or runny nose and I rarely sneeze or have cold symptoms etc. My ENT specialist looked up my nose with a camera and said that he could perform surgery to correct the inside of my nose structurally but he did not know what is causing the pain and did not think that such surgery would make any difference to my symptoms. He recommended that I see a Neurologist. I wanted to know whether it is worth seeing a neurologist about this problem as my GP thought that there was no point. Since seeing my ENT specialist my GP prescribed me Demazin 6hour tablets which does provide some relief unless that pain is really bad. I just dont feel that taking demazin everyday is a good idea or an adequate solution to the problem. The fact that demazin does help somewhat though makes me think that perhaps the pain is allergy related. Is that probable? I need some sort of direction as to what to do...should I see a neurologist?

I would love to hear from anyone who can offer any sort of advice! Thanks Alice
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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jan 09, 2008

Any previous trauma to the head?

Do you have any accompanying weakness, numbness, vomiting,sense of imbalance, giddiness?

How severe is the pain .In a scale of 1-10 with ten as the most severe pls score your pain.

What aggravates the pain? any activities, weather change, stress, prolonged reading or computer use, a certain position?

Is this associated with your menstrual cycle?

Any vision problems? Do you wear eyeglasses?

Is there pain in other parts of the body such as the neck, temples?

Sinus congestion may contribute to your headaches yet a consult with your neurologist may help for a complete neurological examination.Although at this point this doesn't sound very urgent. You may discuss with your physician abortive migraine therapy and its advantages in your case since the ENT has ruled out the sinuses and nearby structures as a cause of your headcaches.If your headcahes persist and occur more often ( > 1 per month or amost daily) then further investigation is warranted since this may not jus be a case of allergies.

I hope this helps. Just keep in touch for further questions.

by Alice_T, Jan 10, 2008

Thanks for replying Vanessa.

No I don't wear glasses, Not associated with menstral cycle, no giddiness or dizziness, imbalance or vomiting, no trauma to the head etc.

The pain occurs almost everyday but I do have a week sometimes where I have complete relief. Yes stress can aggrevate it and weather change too. The pain ranges from 1-10, though mostly its about 4-5 on normal days, so it actually does interfere with my university work and just life in general and I'm becoming really frustrated by it.

It is worse when i bend over or when i read. I will take your advice and speak to a neurologist. I am also having allergies testing with my ENT this Tuesday. I also do have a history of Migraine headaches but I assummed because it didn't affect my whole head was a different sort of pain and i didn't loose my vision each time that it wasn't like my typical migraine headache. But perhaps it is.

Is it also worth seeing someone about food intolerances perhaps?

by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jan 10, 2008

This sounds like a bout of the common migraine although cluster headaches may still be considered. A neurologist may help you classify your headaches since certain modes of therapy may be beneficial to one type but not to the other.

IAllergies or intolerance to food may not only cause headaches but far more serious consequences. If you suspect that you do have these then having it evaluated by an allergologist will surely help.Cluster headaches may be accompanied by teary eyes, eye redness and nasal congestion

Keep us posted regarding your progress. I hope you are better now.
by Alice_T, Jan 11, 2008

Thanks so much for all your help Vanessa...after feeling a bit confused and helpless the last few days I feel like I have some direction as to what to do next.

Yes I do know I have quite a few food intolerances my naturopath tested me and made me cut out all these food groups last year but my GP warned that wasn't a good idea, so I've been eating everything ever since so I will take your advice then and see an allergologist. Also I will make an appointment with a neurologist. Thanks so much for your advice! I will keep you updated with my results and my allergys test results i'm having on tues.

by Cathee1028, Mar 26, 2010
Hello. I have a brother who has been incarcerated for the past 14 years in California's State Prison. He has been suffering from a pain that we are unsure of.  I have been aware of his pain for some time now but thought over the years it has gone away since he didn’t mention it.  The letter I received from him yesterday clearly details the problem and it broke my heart reading it.  He has been hiding this from me, doesn’t want me to stress. I will describe his problem and if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.  I will find a way to get my voice heard through the prison systems.  
My brother is having problem sleeping and is in constant pain.  His nose is getting worst and the pressure makes it extremely hard to sleep at night.  It’s gotten so bad that he thinks he has an abrasion or bruises in his head. He describe the pain as someone hitting him with a rock or a hammer on his head. He has files many complaints with the Prision but it’s going unnoticed. The Medical staff thinks it’s a joke! He said years ago a doctor did prescribe nasal spray but it did not help, he thinks he made it worst.   He said he can’t do anything about the pain, and if he does fall asleep it’s only for a short period of time.   Can someone please help me?  Based on what I describe, can someone tell me what he has?
by Dr SantosBlank, Mar 30, 2010
How is your brother? Does he have history of allergies?  Sinus Headaches may present with gnawing pain over nasal area, often increasing in severity throughout day. This can be due to an acute infection, usually with  blockage of sinus ducts that prevent normal drainage ( hence, pressure). Migraine and cluster headaches are often misdiagnosed as sinus in origin. Further evaluation may be done to rule out infection, nasal polyps, anatomical deformities, such as a deviated septum. Antibiotics, decongestants, or surgical drainage may help provide relief. An evaluation by a neurologist may also help. Take care and do keep us posted.
by Cathee1028, Mar 31, 2010
Dear Dr. Santos,
Thank you so much for replying to my add. As of right now there is not much I can do. I wrote an official complaint to the CA Healthcare Service. I will keep you posted.  
by Dr SantosBlank, Apr 06, 2010
How is your brother? Is he still suffering from the nasal pain? Was there any reply from the letter that you wrote?  Hang on and don't give up. Take care and best regards.  Hope to hear from you soon.
by rd374, Jun 11, 2010
Hi Cathee, how is your brother? I just found this blog and your comments while doing a search for my own symptoms. I am praying for your brother, for pain relief and help from the prison and related officials.

I thouht I would tell you my experiences since the pain sounds similar and see if it could help at all. I have migraines, have had them for over ten years. I've went to the doctor, even had an MRI brain scan (showed normal), still don't know what it is. I did go to a chiropractor last year and found out my neck was actually curving back the other direction (and just found out again by new chiropractor, who had no knowlege of the other, that I still have that). My therapy last year did help, tremendously. I got to where I rarely had a migraine, and if I started to get one and I took medicine, it would go away quickly and not last as long (b/4 they used to last about 24 hours). After I stopped the adjustments/stretching/treatments they have slowly came back and gotten stronger in intensity, and now more frequent again.

I've been trying everything to figure it out, wondering if it's related to sugar, caffine, food allergies, neck/spine alignment. Stress seems possibly related, but I'm also stressed without getting them, so don't know what part it plays.

One thing that helps me, although looks stupid (so I don't do in public), is take about one square sheet of toilet paper, fold it into tiny size, wet it and put it in my nose, on whichever side is hurting, or both. I don't understand why, but often (if not always) that I have these mirgraines I have pain inside my nose, which seems to be empty and dry and causes pain (or more pain) in my head/eye on the same side. Hard to describe or explain, but it sure hurts. It feels like someone is stabbing an icepick in the top inside corner of my eye and above it.

If anyone knows anything they can tell us to help, I sure would appreciate it!