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3 yo with complex febrile seizures,but I'm not convinced
My son is 3.  He suffered his first seizure,well that we know of @21mos,while he was 100% healthy.  He had 4 seizures,1 lasting more than 5minutes and no fever was present.  After the 4th,his temp was taken again and he did then have a seizure.  They kept him for observation and declared them to be complex febrile seizures.  
3mos later he had 3 small seizures where he would fall backward with force from a standing position,while on  tylenol b/c he wasn't acting like himself.  This was over about a 5 hr time,and in the evening he had a full blown seizure  and then a fever was present.  
This same scenario happened again in the spring.  Then again this passed October,just before he turned 3.  He had a seizure,and was warm,we were out so I didn't get a temp.  I medicated him @ home with tylenol.  The fever was gone,and he fell backward again.  I then gave him motrin just to be safe.  We went to the store and he seized in the car on the way,where not fever was present.  

This passed weekend,3mos after the last incident,he had a major seizure and a very high fever.

6 weeks after the second incident,we had an EEG done which came back abnormal...showed significan slowing in the right back...don't remember the techinal terms....and an MRI which was normal.  We saw a neurologist and he gave us diazapam to admister if we feel he could have  a seizure.  I have not gotten the script filled b/c I don't feel good about drugging a child,especially if they are febrile in nature.  

Would you recommend a second opinion?  One thing I should mention is that he has some muscle tone issues in his torsoe,and right body weaknesses,including an ever so small drag with his right foo.  This wasn't visible to most others,until they saw how many times he fell while walking.  These things have  mostly corrrected themselves,but they were there.  Someone suggested that  maybe he could have cerebral palsy,but just an ever so mild case.  Is this possible.  He's developing normally in every other way.  

Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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