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A couple muscle spasms, other things, am looking for some suggestions.....
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A couple muscle spasms, other things, am looking for some suggestions...

Am not entirely sure if I'm posting in the right place.
Have had a number of weird symptoms recently and am trying to figure it what might be going on.

I am very light-headed on and off and have a weird sort-of "full" feeling in my stomache on and off, especially these past two days.
I was having odd muscle spasms in my abdomen area a couple days ago, and today have been having them in my left tricept area.
I have felt randomly weak a good bit, on and off.  I'll also have "tingly" hands, as if it is something to do with blood pressure.
Last night my feet feet, legs, and upper arms all felt hot on and off, and I also felt "tightness" on and off in these same areas.  I also had an abnormal pain in my heel.
I've felt a bit "shaky" as well, in ym hands and stuff, and I'll also get random momentary pains here and there in the chest, arms, and legs.
I've actually gone to the hospital a couple times recently, being somewhat hard of breathing, light-headed, weak, and with "tingly hands", thinking it was a blood pressure thing.  Turned out to be "nothing", or nothing expected, at least.

I take ibuprufen on and off a good bit, and have for a couple years now.  Used to be daily, then I went for a while without.  Now it's something like a few times a weak, constantly fluctuating.  I also just finished a dose pack of methylprednisolone about a week and a half ago (I was not takinf both at once).  I take prilosec daily as well as a multivitamin.  Drink caffeine and energy drinks once and a while.  Drink alcohol the occasional weekend.  

Any suggestions?

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(I'll also feel random "beating" on and off- like a blood type thing, and currently I have some stomache pain.  Have had a urge to eat a lot these last couple days- which I have given into- as if it was going to help the weird feeling in my stomache somehow...)
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