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Brain Mri white lesions and leg cramps, tripping due to right leg.
Need answer on white matter lesions MRI wish could be of chronic ischemic change
by Justwanttoknow1948, 12 minutes ago
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I recently had a MRI with and without contrast due to my recent complaint of headaches which I thought were due to stress (work) but since I was not 60 almost 61 they wanted to test to rule other things out.
The MRI of the Brain without contrast said most areas were fine except for:
White Matter:  There are multiple focal and confluent subcortical and periventricular white matter lesions present.  Most of the lesions are located at the mid-convexity.  None of the lesions are associated with intralesional hemmorhage, diffusion abnormality or enhancement.
1.  There is global atrophy, which is pattern nonspecific  and within normal limits for patient's age.
2.  There is multiple nonspecific white matter lesions present.  -Either due to headaches or could be areas of chronic ischemic change.
The conclusion of the MRI with contrast said that there are normal variatios to the intracranial cirulation. No flow limiting stenosis, vascular anomalies or aneurysms are seen. Although, the findings were that the Codominant vertebral arteries are seen.  The left posterior cerebral artery is fed primarily via fetal origin from the anterior circulation. There is a diminuitve vessel which likely represents a hypoplastic left P1 segment.  A hypoplastic or absent right posterior communicating artery is seen.  There is a patent anterior communicating artery.  No flow limiting stenoses, vascular anommalics or aneurysms are seen.

Any comments would be appreciated.  Justwanttoknow1948

Please explain the white matter lesions - and if I should follow up with another doctor? My headaches are intermittent (ande I truly believe stress -related) only other  smptoms are night time restless legs (for years over 40 Yrs) but now muscle cramps sometimes very severe several times a night and according to my husband it seems to occur whenever I turn over to my left side.  I also have a problem with my right leg as I tend to trip over nothing as if I am not picking it up properly?  Happens daily and has been for a couple of years worse now.
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