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Brain lesions = migraines?
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Brain lesions = migraines?

I had been suffering horrible headaches/migraines for a few years (i'm 45 good health) so i decided to go to the Dr. and he advised me to get an MRI and here are the results very brief: Findings: Multiple primarily juxtacortical FLAIR and T2 white matter (foci) found. A prominent left parietal measuring 13mm was noted and a prominent right frontal was noted measuring 11mm. Total lesion count exceeds 30 in either hemisphere......bla bla the rest normal. Impression: Moderate nonspecific white matter disease. Differential considerations could include multiple sclerosis, migraine,ADEM.......I went to a Neurologist today and i'm at a lose of words at her approach to this...Here is what she told me. I dont think its ms cause the lesions are just not in the right place and you dont have any other symptoms to support ms,( I totally agree up to this point) Then i was shocked at what she told me next " As far as the lesions go, i wouldn't be to concerned about them and see your primary Doctor for your headaches".....I dont know nothing about the anotomy of the brain, but i do know that having over 30 lesions and a few quite large is a concern! I'm seeing my doctor on friday and go from there.......I'm confused and the headaches that i suffer from are unbearable at times and it's making me quite miserable and desperate for help.....thanks and sorry the the long wind!
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Lyme Disease can cause these lesions.

The neurologist can prescribe SSRI's (antidepressants) to reduce the migraines.  They start you on a low dose, but the pain relief increases as the dosage increases.
She could also prescribe Beta blockers to reduce migraines.
It sounds like she is not interested in treating you.

Supplements that you can take yourself include magnesium, systemic enzymes, and fish oil.
These will reduce inflammation, which reduces the pain.

The Importance of Magnesium

There are a number of systemic enzyme blends, including Wobenzym.
I tried a couple, but when I started Wobenzym and ramped up the dose, within two weeks I no longer woke up every day with a splitting headache.

How systemic enzymes work

Pharmaceutical quality fish oil will reduce inflammation and improve the integrity of the cell membranes.
Look for one with a very high ratio of EPA.

Country Life, Omega 3 Mood
Minami Nutrition, MorEPA

When you take one of these fish oils, aim for 2000 mg of EPA daily.
You can look up the Country Life and the Minami at and read reviews.
Amazon has reviews too.

There are lots of other supplements that may be able to help, but reducing the inflammation with magnesium, fish oil, and systemic enzymes is an easy way to begin.

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