How to wean off of 100mg Topamax
by lilly2009, Sep 19, 2009
My brother had a seizure in Feb. 2009. We don't know the cause of the seizure, the EEG, CT, and MRI were fine. His neurologist put him on 200mg of Topamax; 100mg in the AM, and 100mg at night. In July, the neurologist told him that he can come off of Topamax so he told him to stop taking the AM dose. So since July he's been taking 100mg. 2 days ago, his dr told him that he can come off of the Topamax completely. He suggested that he cut his 100mg pill in half and take 50 mg once a day for a week then he can stop.
  Is this a safe way to get off Topamax? Is it safe to go from 100mg, to 50 mg for a week and then stop? Thanks in advance!
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