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Hypersensitive to touch
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Hypersensitive to touch

my skin is hypersensitive to touch, my clothes rubbing against it or a gentle touch is painful, this has been episodic since I was 19 years old.

I am a 38 year old male with the following symptoms:
anxiety& panic
Restless leg syndrome
Depression, & mild OCD
Mulitple food allergies
trouble concentrating

Any input about the hyper sensitive touch would be appreciated.


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Avatar dr m tn

Hypersensitivity to touch is often associated with fibromyalgia. Please consult your primary doctor. There are various treatment options, which you can discuss with him.


Avatar m tn
i have this pain too, but it was a complication from my spine operation. I'm still recovering from this fubromylgia. same as jeff, my skin also hypersensitive to touch even worse than it. ZFirst time i got it, it was like electrostatic discharge, but it only happen on the leg area only (L5 segment) . After taking medicine, it get better...and i also "soak" my leg into rocksalt water and it helps. Do anyone here know other treatment?
Avatar f tn
I can identify with some of what Jeff said...

I am hoping someone reading this can give me added insight.

The most recent problem I have been having is a sensitivity to pressure. And I haven't been able to get any answers. It's my right side mostly being affected. bra straps and waistbands really irritate me- and it's not pain. It doesn't hurt. It's the pressure against my skin. It drives me to distraction, literally.

This started 6 years ago.

I've been to my doctor, on multiple occassions throughout the years. I did tell her this problem and others I have been having-

anxiety, depression,  hyperhidrosis, muscle twitches, a constant ache in my muscles and joints- migraines (thank God they're not frequent), numbness in my lower right leg (it sometimes feels like there is a band around my leg right below the calf, and slightly cold and tingly underneath it, waking myself up at night by my legs, or entire body jerking. I have allergies (run of the mill- dogs, cats, dust, and weirder ones like latex and potatoes)

I am on allergy medicine (singulair), an OC (Beyaz), botox for thehyperhydrosis... and an SSRI- and I can't tell if any of these are possible side effects...

After running blood tests and a nerve conductions study- the most she could find is a slight B12 deficiency- she sent me to a therapist and psychiatrist. Telling me that I was too wound up, it was most likely stress.

So I DID tell my doctor and she does think I am neurotic.

So, two years of therapy (diagnosed with OCD, anxiety and depression) and  many drugs later I'm still the same (we've tried prozac, lexapro, wellbutrin... the next on the list to try is zoloft) and nothing has helped. Prozac helped some, but I was sleeping all the time.

I am going for a second opinion (different PCP now, and a new psychiatrist/therapist combo) and another nerve conduction study and round of bloodtests...

And am completely frustrated at the lack of answers. And tired of being stuck in dresses (all the odd looks and questions that go along with wearing a dress and if  leggings to an active event) or racing home after work to get into a nightgown because I can't stand the feel of my clothes anymore. And not wanting to go out because that means having to get dressed.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

I've reading about fibromyalgia and sensitivity and pain with clothes- but I am not sure if I fit that because it is the pressure- not pain. And it's only on the right side. My left is usually fine.

I'd really appreciate feedback.
Avatar f tn
This is a reply to Moonshadow216, and an update to my condition.

Traditionally my sensitivity to touch has gotten worse in the winter, and been unbearable.  I have finally gotten it under control.

Number one for me, cut out all sugar and limit carbs to a minimum.  If I got outside of this, my muscles will ache and then the skin pain comes next.

I have been following the Primal Blueprint diet and really love it, it is tasty an does not starve you.

For meds I have found that adding Zonegrann to my cocktail has done the trick to help control the skin sensitivity.

For anxiety/depression I am on Zoloft, Strattera and Lyrica, for Restless Legs, I am on, Requip.

Yes, it does seem like a lot to me also, but it works, and finally I get some relief.

Exercise, like the eliptical machine 30 minutes or so daily does wonders for my anxiety/muscle twitching and depression, really as strong as any drug I take.

Epsom Salt in the bath nightly helps with the muscle pain as well as aids sleep and give energy the next day.

I have read that distractions by clothes or tags on clothes rubbing, can be due to low dopamine or nor-epinephrine.  Ask your  doctor about trying Strattera, and or Requip.



Avatar m tn
i am currently going to counseling and for the second time in my life i have been told i have some sort of skin condition. i have ocd, depression, which led to being bipolar... i too have issued wit my bra... the way it touches my skin, the tightness it has to be... how it has to be perfect and tight on both sides or it seems all throwed off... and of course the obsessions and compulsions about making the bra fit... this is the same with all other articles of clothing... its been this way since i can remember and im nearly 25 years old... i understand hte ocd and the way you describe the pressure that needs to be there... but i cant seem to find a name for what it is to better research for my condition..... any other suggestions???
Avatar m tn
Have any of you looked into the condition of Allodynia??  I had surgery 5 years ago and I woke up from it with extreme hypersensitivity to touch and the doctors just looked at me puzzled. The doctor tried to help me figure out what was going on but nothing. I ended up finding a surgeon who thought he knew what was wrong with me and claimed he would fix me but ended up spreading the pain from my thigh all the way to my foot. We have tried literally everything to try and fix this even sea snake venom. But last year I was watching the doctors TV and there it was. A girl experiencing the same thing as me. They called it CRPS and allodynia. At that time they were treating it with a ketamine infusion. However I am a relentless researcher and have found case studies from Switzerland that can 100% reverse this condition with somatosensory rehabilitation. There are many therapists in Switzerland and Canada at this time that are certified in this therapy and I am going to visit one in April. My guess is you are all still suffering and I am hoping that this answer will help you find your answer.
The doctors in the US are very naive to this condition, but I am going to change that when I get my life back.  Please visit this site to find a therapist to help treat you.

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