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Is it ALS or Anxiety?
I wanna start off by saying that I saw a news special on Jason Becker who was paralyzed by ALS by his early 20s. I'm 18 and it all started about a year ago when i would sometimes wake up and not be able to move some of the fingers on my right hand, which would subside after a few seconds. I didn't really worry about it. A few months ago my legs felt weak for no reason. It freaked me out but i forgot about it. Then the real trouble started about 2 weeks ago. I had the same feeling of weakness, and i had a panic attack. I have to add that same night maybe an hour before i had a tiny panic attack about a hard lump below my adams apple (i now know it's cartilage) whicch i thought could be thyroid cancer or something else. I've been hoping that this is evidence that the whole thing is a bad case of anxiety. The next day I started getting brief moments of tingling that would move around my body constantly with maybe 3 - 10 seconds between each tingle. I still have them. The next day my ancle was aching so bad for no reason, and of course the incessant tingling. The ancle thing has reocurred since I've also had the same sensation in my legs, arms, wrist that i had in my ancle. Since these symptoms started most of them have been constant with varying frequency throughout the day, some of them skip days. Here's a total list of symptoms:

- Tingling
- Weakness in legs (not every day)
- Burning sensations in my legs (not frequent)
- Electrical shooting pains in back, legs, arm, finger
- Sore/stiff neck and shoulders
- Wet sensations on arms, feet, legs, face (not frequent)
- Shortlived aches and pains
- Stabing sensation
- Poking sensation
- Ancle aching and cramping
- Muscle twitches/spasms
- Constricted throat (when I freak out)
- I've been having minor panic attacks, partially due from my symptoms matching ALS and MS

Please help me!
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