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L5 bone spur
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L5 bone spur

I have been diagnosed with a bone spur located in the front and left side on my L5 vertebra through a MRI and a CAT scan. The foramen is completely closed and it appears that the bone spur itself is in contact with my sacrum. From the conversation I have had with my Dr. it is evident to me that this malady is somewhat rare. My pain is located down the front and inner side of my thigh. It is brought on especially when there is any weight on my leg (walking, standing) sitting in a chair with my feet under the seat and leaning forward helps in easing my symptoms. I had a laminectomey 5 days ago on my L4-L5 disc which has been operated on 2 times before. I have extreme degeneration on both the L4 and L5 disc. The decompression was well warranted, with indications of extreme nerve irritation due to calcium buildup. My Neuroligist was extremly surprised and disappointed that this did not alleviate my pain. In investigating further he discovered the L5 bone spur. We  are going to begin conservative treatment. I am going to have a L4 nerve block by a pain managemant specialist to determine if I still have a problem in that area. Due to the fact that the L5 bone spur removal and foraminotomy is a very invasive procedure, we are going to beign with this and eliminate our options. My concern is this. I have great confidence in my Neurologist, however, he has told me that he has never done this procedure on the L5 vertebra. If we decide to go this way, (if the nerve block fails), I have some trepidation about moving forward. Can you please advise me if you are aware of a Neurolgist that is familiar with this procedure and also give me an in depth explanation of the procedure itself and all risks involved. I have gone over them lightly with my Dr., but I feel he is not sharing the complete risks until he eliminates all other options. I know he has my best interest at heart and wants to minimize my fears until he is postive of a plan of action. I am asking you so I can be prepared to ask him proper questions. I hope I have given you enough information to provide me with your medical feedback. Thank you for your time.
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I have this exact same problem.
I had been complaining of back pain for years and x-rays had never shown anything conclusive so I was labeled a hypercondriac...
I had my first child in 1995 and my second in 1997... I suffered from Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction... where the front of my pelvis opened and I needed a walking frame and pelvic support belt.
A c-section was nesessary inorder to prevent disablement.
After this I was taken more seriously and an MRI was ordered. The MRI found the bone spur from my L5 from the left side and it curves round like a rainbow and joined into my sacrum.
After the 2 pregnancies and the SPD this 'pseudo-arthrosis' as they labled it, had broken.

A pain management specialist has misrowaved the nerves around the site and also to kill the  endsa of the bones to stop it trying to rejoin.

I was told removal was not an option mainly due to the fact I had 2 small children and no family to help me.

I live on high doses of painkillers and cannot function properly as a mother or a wife. I feel let down by the NHS. I have now moved to Spain and am going to see a specialist at the end of this month. I am hoping that the Doctors here will be more pro-active in resolving my situation.

I have been living with acute pain since 1992. It's no life and I hate that my family has had to put up with me like this for so long.

I was hoping to see your answer to this thread.... but I cannot see one!
I too was looking for info to take to my specialist.

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