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Paxil and nothing else
I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy when I was about 20-ish...

Some years back, I experienced drug toxicity issues with Tegretol, so was then placed on Dilantin and taken off of the other....
I guess my doctor didn't feel dilantin was good enough, so he placed me on a drug that had just cleared the FDA process.  This drug was called Trileptol.  I had major issues with retaining much water...I would retain a thumb indent for well over ten minutes, and I had no ankles left to speak of.  It was very depressing to carry around all of this excess water weight, but my doctor didn't seem concerned, so....I stopped seeing him, and just went without treatment.

Years later, I was also diagnosed with severe depression and labeled with ADHD...

Although the stimulants seemed helpful, I got worried because of my family's history with drug abuse...so I stopped taking them....

I did, however, continue on with the other medication prescribed: Paxil.

Unfortunately, I am still taking Paxil...Have been on it for going on 10? years...
This one medicine I cannot seem to not take.  When I stop taking it, I have anxiety...get really grouchy, and explosive, and then I start having issues with confusion and not being able to make my mouth  say what I'm wanting to say--often...

I still have some issues with that anyways...and occasionally smell things that aren't really there (usually I have alot of fear when that happens).

I guess I'm trying to ask if Paxil has ever been considered helpful treatment for temporal lobe epilepsy or not...?
It certainly seems I possibly have far more troubles with the latter when I'm not on the former....

Thanks for any information you might be able to provide me....
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