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Pins and needles and pain in right arm and hand
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Pins and needles and pain in right arm and hand

Hello. I am a 25 year old female. For the last 2 days I have started waking in the night with right hand and arm tingling/pins and needles. The first night I thought I must have just been lying on it so didn't think much more of it. But last night I woke 4 times with it happening, and again while I slept during the day today, and every time woke either lying on my back or on my left hand side, so had had no pressure on my right arm. Through out the day today it has progressively gotten worse, with stiffness and pain in my hand and wrist and in my shoulder also. I get bursts of pins and needles and slight numbness, There is no obvious discolouration, my pulse is present, and no swelling present. Could you please shed some light. Thanks kindly
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Hi, Thank you very much for your questions; although it is quite difficult for me to give you a precise opinion here without being able to examine you, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your pin & tingling in arm along with shoulder pain. Your symptoms could be suggestive of either some nerve injury or a pressure on the nerve due to the muscle spasms. Another possibility in your case could be damaged the soft-tissues such as muscles and ligaments if you are over-doing any shoulder exercises or lifting heavy weights. Since you have persistent pain, I would recommend you to see a neurologist who can evaluate the details of your case and could better determine the insight of your situation.  In addition, it will be best if you would also visit a physiotherapist to let him/her assess your back and shoulders.  Hope this helps.

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