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Prolonged PCS?
I hit my head at the end of January (right on top) and gave myself concussion which lead into Post Concussion Syndrome for 2months.

Towards the end it made me pretty depressed, but a weeks worth of Diazepam and a weekend at the coast seemed to help me get over the worst of it.

Since then I suffer from headaches about one full day a week, and the odd one here and there. It's usually a sharp pain in the frontal right side of my head, sometimes with pain in my right eye.

Recently I've also had the odd very sharp pain in the left side of my head at the front.

These headaches come with the following symptoms (not always all at once): Forgetfullness - I often forget what I'm doing or saying or I can't think of the right words for what I'm trying to say, when reading sometimes my eyes seem to skip to the next word before my brain has had a chance to absorb the previous words, I spell words incorrectly (two letters the wrong way round etc), tiredness - mentally and physically - I sometimes feel weak and can't be bothered to move an inch,

Also, since I hit my head the spot where I hit it has been very tender to touch - if I were to press it this would be painful.

It's probably worth mentioning that at the moment my wisdom teeth are coming through - when my jaw aches this sometimes makes my head ache again. I also have hayfever which can make my head feel worse.

Because it's been so long since I hit my head and I'm still getting a lot of headaches, I'm wondering whether I should go back to the doctor and ask for an MRI.

Also I suffer from intermittent night terrors - unrelated to my headaches but as I'm posting in a neurology forum, worth mentioning. It had been a month since I had one until Friday - I've since had 2. One resulting in injury. I also has a muscular injury from a night terror late last year.

Any advice?

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