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Returning to professional and competitive sports after having C6-7 surg...
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Returning to professional and competitive sports after having C6-7 surgery


I am Professional Kickboxer and also get involved in many other sports such as; waterskiing, snowboarding, soccer, really anything sport related. Sport is my life and i don't know what i would do if i couldn't compete/participate anymore. I have been through all the steps before the last resort SURGERY and non of them have helped with the pain that i am living with daily which is now at a point i cannot bear. I have been told that i need to have pressure relieved on my C6-7 nerve, which is causing pain in my back, neck and down my right arm.

The questions i ask is:

If i have the surgery and do what is needed to recover properly, will i be able to still compete in kickboxing tournaments and all other sports?

Has anyone been in the same situation i have been in?
how well did you recover?
how active could you be?

Please HELP, any feed back is much appreciated.
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First off the surgery does not always relieve the pain. You can  do anything you want in life, but depending on the surgery you may increase the chances of a spinal cord transection if you get kicked in the head again. My personal opinion is that your days of kick-boxing should be over.
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Like caregiver222 says surgery does always relieve pain.  And any surgery has an element of risk involved too.  This should be explained to you so you understand before you make the decision whether to have an operation or not.

With or without an operation, you are going to have to rethink about the type of sports that you can take part in.  Kickboxing in my mind, would definitely be off limits, unless you want to risk damaging your neck again.  Soccer is a pretty physical sport too.  You should talk with your doctor or physiotherapist to give you guidance on what types of sport will not further damage your neck and the types of sports to avoid.

Best wishes.

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