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Right arm/neck/face pain with hand numbness; Shooting pain in shoulders with regular pain; Left hand numbness/shooting pain/knuckle pain with arm pain; Headaches
Here is my MRI, W/WO results! I hope you can help me!

Multiple subcentimeter ovoid and punctate white matter foci involving the bilateral frontal lobes and left parietal lobe. The largest single lesion is in the right frontal lobe and measures 0.7 x 0.4 cm, image 14 sequence 4. None of the foci demonstrate enhancement. No lesion within the corpus callosum or brainstem. The ventricles and sulci are symmetric and normal. The brain parenchyma demonstrates preservation of the gray-white matter differentiation. No abnormal enhancement. The major arterial flow-voids, and flow-voids of major dural sinuses, are normal. The pneumatized portions of the skull are clear.

IMPRESSION: Scattered nonenhancing subcentimeter T2 hyperintense white matter foci. These lesions are nonspecific. The differential diagnosis includes, but is not limited to, multiple sclerosis, pallorous demyelination of migraines, Lyme disease, neurosarcoid, and small vessel ischemic white matter disease. Direct comparison with prior images is recommended to evaluate for progression.


FINDINGS: Mild-moderate motion artifact. The visualized intracranial contents are unremarkable. The spinal cord is normal in size and signal intensity. No abnormal signal focus or abnormal enhancement within the spinal cord. Normal alignment of the cervical spine. The vertebral body heights and disc spaces are preserved throughout. The bone marrow signal intensity is normal. Metallic artifact in the oral cavity. A 0.7 cm T1 hyperintense nodule in the isthmus, image 266 sequence 8. No abnormal enhancement within the extraspinal soft tissues.

C2-C6: Normal.
C6-C7: A broad-based posterior disc protrusion which contacts, but does not indent, the spinal cord, image 23 sequence 7. No neural foraminal stenosis. C7-T1: Normal.


1. Mild degenerative disc disease at C6-C7. Clinically significant relationships may be present.
2. A 0.7 cm nodule in the thyroid.

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