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Scalp, hands and now the mouth.

Over 2 years ago I noticed my scalp was a lot more sensitive than usual. I didn't think much of it. I still mention it in case it can have something to do with what is going on now. I had also seen a gynecologist who sent me to do some tests for hormones and found out that one of the 'male' hormones was a bit higher in my system. She sent me in for PCOS tests (radiology, ultra sound). Nothing seemed wrong (besides some light scars of some sort).

In october 2011, I saw an endocrinologist who prescribed spironolactone as a diuretic and to counter the hirsutism. Towards the end of december, I stopped the drug cold turkey. It wasn't doing anything for me (it did counter the hirsutism, but taking drugs for esthetic purposes feels foolish to me).

Early January, I began having a feeling of tight hands. It would hurt in random spots in my hands. It wasn't localized on a joint. Sometimes it felt like electric shocks. Most of the time it just felt numb or tingly.
My arms also hurt a bit, as well as my upper back + neck.
To rule out stress and bad posture as culprits, I worked at fixing any big stressants in life. I also changed my chair at work.  The upper back+neck pain is gone.
During January I also had a week where I just couldn't eat.

The hand random tingles are still coming and going. I have an appointment with a Neurologist in april. The doctor I saw seemed to think I could be developing carpal tunnel? That is before what is coming up...

Now here is the scariest part to me: Two weeks ago, I began feeling numbness on my face/lips. I shrugged it off because I'm tired of bothering people with my medical whines. However a week ago, the tip of my tongue started feeling numb/irritated. It's red. Red on the sides of the tongue too. The back of my throat is a bit red as well.
My lips sometimes feel irritated too.
On each side of the lips(towards the corners) I have new marks that look like Fordyce spots.

I hope someone can help.
I don't feel like contributing to the clogging of the medical system if it's not too important.
If it seems urgent, I'd like to know too.
I have an appointment with a dentist this morning, in case he can figure the mouth stuff out a bit or forward me to someone else.

Anyone get symptoms such as this? Please keep in mind that the earlier stuff might not be related. I'm just not a specialist. I don't know what goes with what. I can't connect the dots.
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