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Slight Musculo-Skeletal A-Symmetry Left-to-Right
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Slight Musculo-Skeletal A-Symmetry Left-to-Right

I am a 25 year old male, 95kg, 185 cm (6'1").

In relatively good shape. Have been mostly inactive most of my life with bouts here and there but have been consistent and getting fitter the past 6 months. Have weightlifted here and there.

I eat well, take supplements, do not smoke, and drink very minimally.

(3-15) - Tonsils removed, ENT issues (sinus pressures and ear liquid draining required)
(15-20)- Found to have slightly enlarged pituitary gland (benign) (had good puberty and growth). Had cardiac tests for palpitations (benign)

Here is the issue:

I have quite a 'bodybuilders' body. Good bone size and muscles, not very toned as I am not completely fit yet. I am right handed.

Over the past 5-7 years, I have had a problem progress from ALWAYS carrying my university book bag (messenger bag) on my right shoulder without proper posture and support. This has led to an indirect injury to my right shoulder (pain, popping upon range movement, downward slouch) and my right hip (slight pain, popping). I did some physiotherapy for my right shoulder for what turned out to be a tendon problem. Hip unchecked.

I have recently (past 1-2 years) noticed somethings that have been giving me some trouble.

I have noticed a bone/muscle size/definintion difference in left to right side of my body (neck, arms, shoulders, shoulder blades, upper back, legs incl. calf/hamstrings...) with my left side having the upper hand. Basically a left-to-right a-symmetry has developed in my body. Note that I am right handed.

When weight lifting, up to about 1-year ago, my right tended to be stronger even with the noticed differences.

Recently (past year), I have been noticing the following differences:

- I am having trouble standing equally on both legs with a lack in definition to my right leg muscles. I am having to focus on keeping same load on both legs, almost as if my body naturally loads left more. (natural reaction to injured right leg?)

- My right shoulder also has lack of definition. When I weight lift, it is as if my left seems to be growing in size and strength more than the right, as if my right muscles are not building properly. I seriously try and maintain equal form on left and right but it is almost as if it is impossible to achieve. I feel the difference. I still have a slouch with right shoulder hanging lower than left. I have to focus on maintaining equality.

- I notice I have to tighten my right back and core muscles to keep my right side feeling as if it is equal in stature to the left. Left side naturally feels correct.

- I have been noticing a reduction in strength in my right arm (inlc. shoulder), whereas my right had the upper hand in strength. Almost as if there is a degeneration occurring.

-It almost seems to me that my right arm and leg are slightly shorter than the left.

- I feel a lack of strength and sometimes a slight crackling/popping when trying to workout my right arm or leg. Do not know if that helps.

Note: these differences are not so large but still noticeable. the biggest difference lies in my calves with my left calve looking fully defined and healthy, with my right clave looking built but not defined and as healthy as the left.  

NOTE: Although there is a slight visible difference in right to left as described, the MAIN issue that I am worried about is the fact that I can seriously FEEL a difference. I cannot mimic the left in feeling, in movement, or in the way it looks. It is very odd. Also, it feels as if when moving/weightlifiting/using both sides for something, that the left feels as if it does it better, more controlled, and more correct than the right. In all muscles.

NOTE: My right muscles are growing in size and becoming more defined, it is simply the lack of relative to the left that I am concerned about. It is not as if my right side is completely lacking.

My questions:

- Is it possible that the indirect injury to my right shoulder and hip are causing this? Can muscle and bone definition change from lack of correct usage/loading of limbs?

- Could this be a degenerative disease? Muscles. bones, tendons, or nerves? What exactly happens with degenerative diseases?

- What else could be happening?

- Who or which type of doctor or physio can I go to check on what is going on and is there a way to fix such changes?

Any advice, info or sharing of ones own experiences are welcome.

I hope the above is thorough enough.

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I should also mention that it looks and feels like all my muscles, bones, tendons, and connections therein, as well as the posture and form of my body on the left is better than the right. Articulation is also better in left limbs than in right limbs.

I do not get how this is since I am right handed and basically all things I do I try to keep relatively equal for left and right sides of my body since I have a heightened awarenees of this issue.

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Just bringing post back to view...

1019388 tn?1340854686
Any insight please?
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