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Slowing of Left Temporal Lobe, tingling in head, tension headaches, new anxiety issues, electrical shocks in head, seziures

I have no history of anxiety issues except for social anxiety. In August of 2009 I began having two different types of episodes. The first episode is what my neurologist believed to be seizures. They began happening in August first once a week, then twice a week and then almost once a day. I would not lose consciousness or convulse. I would stare blankly for a few seconds and feel like I was going to black out i would get a tingling sensation in my arm or upper jaw. It would feel like a wave went though my head. After the episode I would be extremely tired, my vision would be blurry and I would be mentally slow (Someone would ask me a question that I would know but it would take me a few minutes to recall). The mental slowness, dizziness and blurred vision would last hours and at some points days. The other episodes I would have would be my mind would begin to race really fast but it didn't seem like I could even process the information it was going to fast, it felt like my brain was on fire. These  would last an hour or two and would then go away. Leaving me with what I believe to be a tension headache.

I was put in the hospital for a week and didn't have any episodes. The EEG was normal until I went home and they had seen some left temporal lobe slowing for the second time. An MRI was done with whatever scans they do for seizures and that came back almost normal. They found that my hippocampus was larger than normal.

I have also been experiencing a number of headaches, which I have never experienced before. Sometimes it will be a dull feeling in one side or both. Sometimes I feel like there is a rod going through my brain. Other times I get tingles on top of my head like something is crawling. I also sometime get what feels like an electric shock that jolts through my brain and usually seems to be brought on by sounds. But this only may happen when I am tired?

In all I am trying to find an answer as my doctors do not seem to have a clue and I was perfectly fine before August 2009. Although I havent had any of the seizure type episodes I keep having bad anxiety which is slightly different than the original episodes as I can somewhat control the anxiety but it lasts all day long.

They tried to put my on lamictol, which my brain did not take to kindly too as I at one put it left me mentally handicapped as I could not do normal problem solving things. I am now on Remeron, and plan on coming off of it as i find I still have constant headaches, some anxiety, anger issues, and sometimes I feel numb or seriously depressed.

I should also mention that when this all happened I was under a great deal of stress. I dont think if it is stress related but i feel less stressed now and I still have days of uncontrollable anxiety that I did not have before August. Could it be bacterial related? Stress related? I feel like a can't live life like I should. I have no life due to this. I called my doctor to see if I can get a second opinion. Are there any tests that they could have missed? Would a CAT scan show anything different than an MRI?

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Your episodes do seem to be indicative of seizures. Lamictal is sometimes not tolerated and other anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) should be tried. Your doctor will probably work with you on that. As far as a CT scan, it probably won't show the detail that an MRI would so CT would not show anything different besides being less useful. The MRI is a better tool for epilepsy diagnosis, especially gadolinium-contrast dye MRI. Temporal lobe slowing could also be a sign on temporal lobe epilepsy. This type of epilepsy has a better prognosis than other types of epilepsy and medication is helpful and when it is not, surgery is a good option. As far as the enlarged left hippocampus, it may be necessary to monitor with contrast MRI to see if there are any lesions in that area or if there is any hippocampal sclerosis. If so, surgery would be a good option if medication does not help (intractable seizures). Keep in mind that you don't have to have 'convulsions' during seizures. Seizures are defined by hyper-excited and hyper-synchronized electrical discharges in the brain that cause any number of symptoms (sometimes convulsions) depending on the location of the epileptogenic site (the are of the brain responsible for the seizures). Anxiety could also be a symptom of epilepsy.
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