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Symptoms from cyst or something else?
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Symptoms from cyst or something else?


I have been told I have a pineal cyst and a left posterior fossa subarachnoid cyst.

My doctors have told me that these are incidental findings on my MRI's and require no follow-up or treatment. I understand for much research online that may arachnoid cysts do not cause symptoms unless they grow etc.

I, however, have been having symptoms ever since I was in my teens, and yet, all my individual symptoms were checked with no cause found. But I have also read that if they are going to cause problems later in life then these symptoms tend to present themselves in childhood.

My symptoms started when I was about 14. I kept fainting and having blackouts for no reason and having migraines. I had an EEG as they thought I possibly had epilepsy/narcolepsy, but the results came back all clear.

I was further investigated at the age of 22 when my migraines worsened. At the time, all I was suffering from was migraine and tingling in my hand (which they said was an aura of a coming migraine) my neurologist referred me for MRI. This revealed an incidental small posterior fossa arachnoid cyst. I was prescribed amitriptyline, naproxen and a wafer (maxalt melt) and left.

They migraines got mildly better with medication and I was advised by my doctor to stop the medication and see how I got on as I suffered horrendous tiredness from the amitriptyline.

My migraines stayed settled for a while but now I pretty much have daily headaches which can turn into migraines without warning, and at any time can have a tingling sensation across the back of my head which can sometimes last all day.

I should probably mention that at age 14 (I can't remember if it was before or after the migraines started, but I think it was after), I was hit on the head (left side front, top of forehead) with a softball bat and the area swelled and a huge bump formed. I had a subsequent haematoma for a while and a hole in my skull (which doctors never did anything about and has since calcified over). A year later, I had another softball incident and got hit with a ball in the same spot (hence why I stopped playing!).

Between the MRI and the next incident below, I suffered with two further episodes of fainting, one resulting in me being taken to A&E by ambulance as it happened at work. I was investigated in A&E for pregnancy and cardiac problems. Since I had no obvious injury to my head other than a banging headache, I was discharged with no scan and advised to rest. Both times post faint I suffered vomiting. My doctor advised me if I ever fainted again to just rest afterwards and that I didn't require medical attention, though I'm not sure if that's actually what I should do? My most recent faint was yesterday (Sunday) but it was early in the morning so I just spent the day resting as my doctor had advised me to do.

A couple of years ago (at age 23), I began to suffer with dizziness and nausea and was diagnosed with labrynthitis. The dizziness was so bad at times I couldn't stand and whenever I sat up I felt nauseous. I was also dizzy when lying completely still. My doctor referred me to a ENT specialist. He ordered an MRI to check the internal auditory meatus. Again, on this MRI, the "benign arachnoid cyst in the left posterior fossa" could be seen and that it "is unchanged in size and morphology". I was, however, talked through this MRI with the Radiologist as I work for the department and he also said that looking at my film again, he could also see a pineal cyst.

I keep having relapses in the severity of the "labrynthitis" and I now suffer dizziness and headache daily. I am tired all the time as I find it difficult to sleep (usually only managing about 3-4 hours a night). I just don't feel tired. I have irregular, murmur type heartbeats that doctors can't diagnose.

Sometimes I just get a sharp pain in the back of my head too. I can't stand with my eyes closed as it makes me go off balance. I have trouble laying on my front as if I look upward I get pain at the bottom left side of my head/top of neck area and start to feel dizzy.

I also have times when I am just doing daily activities and for a split second everything goes black and I start to fall, but because it's only seconds, I manage to catch myself.

I have noticed sometimes my hands, though mainly the right side, start to shake. I guess you could call it tremor like. I find I get stuck on words sometimes (once or twice a day) and have a slight stutter whilst I think how to say them correctly. I could also be mid sentence and just completely forget what I was going to say, which can be awkward in social situations.

Could my cyst be causing these symptoms? Or does it sound like something else? I've very worried about my symptoms but it's so difficult to get an appointment to see my GP in the UK.

Thank you for your time.
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