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UNBEARABLE- Head, Face and Neck Pain
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UNBEARABLE- Head, Face and Neck Pain

Hi- I've been going through this form 4 monthds, started with itchy back of scalp on the right side , then I woke up with a horrible head pain that lasted a few days also on the right side,  , then woke up and my right side of my face was numb , went for MRI found a cyst on my pineal gland ,, but it is not related to this pain.  went to ear nose throat doctor , Infectiouse disease, dermatlogost.. neurologist.. they say nothing is wrong, but the pain is unbearable , My right side of my face is throbbing all the tim, and cheek is swollen  jaw bone hurts..., head pain get's so bad that nothing releives it my neck is stiff and in pain, it's all on the right side , and when the pain is bad I get very confused  and like shaky... I can't function like this and have no idea where to go ,,, also I have brisitis on my right hip ...
Anything would be helpful, i can't function like this and I don;t know where to go . It's all on the right side , tested for lyme and shingles both were negative ,,,,,, help
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I'm so sorry to hear about your problems.  Nothing is more frustrating than being shuffled from one doc to another.  Have any of your symptoms coincided with a recent move in residence or your job?  Here's my story.  I still need to have the house checked, but we were convinced enough to leave our home.  I will not allow anyone else to live in the home until we determine the cause of our many illness'.

I have had symptoms going back to not long after we moved into a charming cottage like house in a wooded area.  The main portion of the home was built in 1906.  Since living there (which I didn't link it all together because the symptoms seemed unrelated)  I have had constant joint pain- starting on right side from a herniated disc, radiating from lower back,hip,knee, top of foot, toes, back of neck, right elbow, right hand & fingers.  I have had sporadic episodes on left side, but nothing compared to the right side.  I couldn't stand the chronic pain, originally thought to be caused by a herniated disc.  I had surgery & some of the pain subsided, but a deeper pain set in.  Since then I have been to numerous doctors.  I had the facet nerves in my lower back cautrized to block the pain signals on both sides.  I am still in pain, but it has been lessened,  

Diagnosed with a golf ball sized cyst in June, it was removed in August- the entire ovary on the right side.  I've had endless respiratory problems, pneumonia, pleurisy, heart palpitations, enlargement of lymph on right side of neck.  When extremely ill extreme swelling.  Tender/uncomfortable feeling running along right jaw line, can not apply pressure.  Had that checked out by a dentist thinking I had some type of nfection.  Nothing.  That started about 2 years ago. Intermittent ear pain, primarily right side, Tingling in foot & leg on right side, similar to the pins & needles when the limb "goes to sleep" but different.  This can happen even when I've only sat for 5 minutes.  Horrible fatigue.Headaches located at top of spine in hollow on back of head.  Once they start it doesn't matter what I take.  If I don't catch it before it's too late, I could have it for several days.  Alcohol intolerance.  Difficulty breathing, now have an inhaler.

Loss of memory, try to leave the house & have to reenter 5 times before I take everything I need.  Severe depression, anxiety, agitation.  Lack of motivation. Can't think clearly.  Basic inability to function. Unable to focus.  Easily distracted. Out of 7 days, feel decent maybe 3 days.  Endless hours/days in bed. (I just turned 37)

My husband in the last 2 yrs has  had reflux, high blood pressure, constant sinus infections, finally had sinus surgery on one side.  Increasing fatigue, mood swings, depression.  A bout of vomiting that lasted 3 weeks, he lost 40 lbs.  Did a scope & discovered a perforation in the intestines.  (Let me mention my husband is 31!) 7 months of almost daily migraines. Slurring of speech, had a tia (more like an episode than a full scale stroke).  He was diagnosed with a pfo (hole in his heart).  This hole was allowing unoxygenated blood to flow up to his brain..  Luckily with technology, they were able to go up his leg & put an umbrella in to close the hole.  The migraines never returned.

My 5 year old daughter after living in the home for 9 months finally had to have her tonsils removed after chronic ear infections/sore throat & swollen tonsils.

14 year old son exhibiting similar cognitive symptoms, inability to concentrate, fatigue.  Emergency appendectomy shortly after moving into home.  Complains of frequent headaches & joint pain.

I have been tested for thyroid, arthritis, my cbc just came back with elevated white cells & high pottassium.  My doc wants me to come in to make sure the test was accurate & re-test.

We found mold, black, have not had tested yet to determine toxic levels.  Very musty smell in bedroom closets, bathroom & kitchen.  All connected.  I've lost my thriving business.

Recently my fingers & hand  on right side have started going numb & aching,

Any suggestions?  My doctor is working with me closely.  He has done extensive research on mold, which can wreak havoc on your immune system, among other things.  I will post if I start to regain my health.  We have been out of our house now 7 days.  I am noticing my energy seems to be up.  Not much though.  Nothing measurable.

Thanks for listening....
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