Worried about small bump on head and headaches.
by J-Jaunders, May 14, 2007
For over 3 months, my younger brother has been having some headaches that will last up to 4-5 days on end that I am concerned for. He describes it to me as like a feeling of pressur eon the left side of his head by the temple, and also there is two small bumps hwihc have always been there, however when he has a headache the pain seems to be around them and they become prominant.

These headaches first started back In january properly, however he had been complaning of random headahces that would last a good few days back from August of 2006, and his vision seemed worse in his left eye. So in December of last we went to the Optician, they said everyhing was fine. Not happy with the outcome, I went with him to see a eye specialist, and again, she said his eye was quite red and sre, but other than that, no major problems. But that was when the headaches got worse, he said t felt like dull pressure in the left side of his head which was from the moment he woke up till the moment he fell asleep, and it would ease off for a few hours maybe every other day. This has happened now for maybe 3 months, but he has noticed that the headache pain can go if he gets maybe 9 hours sleep, and this last week has been his best, having only 2 days of headaches out of the 7.

We have been to the doctors 4 times now about this, and each time they say its a mixtue of tension, cluster headaches and migraine, and as for the two small bumps they say it is stress. I'm really not convinced, and think it could be linked to that my brothers blood pressure is above average, sitting at around 150. I've heard this can cause problems with sight and the brain over years?

I'm really concerned fo him now, Hes only 15, and while all his friends can go out and fun, he worries about being in the sun because they might get worse etc, and I hate to seem him sitting for hours on end trying to get rid of this so calle dpressure.

I would really appreciate any type of info or answers you could give! Thanks!
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by J-Jaunders, May 15, 2007
Please, can someone reply. I am worried sick for my brother really.
by sk82die, Aug 26, 2007
wow, my younger brother's having this issue as well.  he's had it for a couple days now, a pressure pain in his head that's caused by a single tiny bump on the left side of his forehead.  Right now, he can't even look down without it hurting even more.

Did you get any feedback on this issue from doctors?
by Lilyloochy, Dec 17, 2007
Take him to a Children's Hospital to have it diagnosed. It may be very rare Lyme-related meningitis. My friend's little girl just got over this. She was having constant headache for a week and her Mom was not satisfied with all the pat answers from the doctors. It's not normal, so take him to the actual Children's hospital where there are specialists willing to delve deeper.
by curedmaybe, Mar 01, 2008
I'm not a doctor, just to let you know, but I get a similar problem with bumps like acne on my temples  accompanied by a headache and sometimes high bloodpressure. When the bumps go away eventually, and they may take months, they pit and scar. I also have hair extending down from my hairline to the eyebrows over my temples, not bad bad, but getting bad.

I've also had a head injury in 1989, was stabbed in the right temple and got blood poisoning from improper treatment. I've had my right and left submandibular glands removed in more recently in that last twenty years due to encapsulated infection causing chronic inflammation. While doctors remain skeptical that these infections could be the result of the stabbing incident 20 years ago, I have read medical reports of people having benign hyperplasia of the lymph nodes and salivary glands in the neck resulting from puncture wounds to the temple several years later.

A recent gallium scan revealed that my lacrimal glands are very inflammed, consistent with sjogrens syndrome, a mild autoimmune condition that causes severe dryness of the eyes and sometimes lupus-like organ involvement. The gallium scan is invaluable for detecting areas of inflammation and possible lymphoma in the body.  I use restasis for my eyes and take a quinine type drug to suppress my immune system. Neither have significant side effects are are easily managed. You might consider asking your doctor for such a scan. I am at a 44 times greater risk for lymphome due to sjogrens and had to push hard to get the scan.

Secondly, I have liver disease and some sun sensitivity. I may have a mild form of porphyria due to my liver not functioning as well as it should. Since the disease is treated with the same drug that I take for sjogrens syndrome, the quinine type drug, it might not be detectable, I don't know.

Thirdly, I plan to talk to my doctor about cerebritis. My friend has similar symptoms and history as I do and I was asked by one doctor if I had ever been dx with the condition. I don't know anything about it other than it can be treated with antibiotics.

I have had this problem on and off for over 13 years and I find that it occurs less when my weight is lower and my cholesterol is down and I'm under less stress. Also I find that I have had less occurrences on the quinine drug, virtually none until recently, when I gained ten pounds suddenly.

These are things that have been considered in my case, but I'm a 40 year old woman. When these bumps appear, I often get dizzy and run a low fever and my face gets red and hot. I was put on aspirin therapy and it helped, not with the bumps, but with the dizziness and problems thinking.

I have also had meningitis in the past, but the doctor never bothered to investigate the cause, it cleared up with antibiotics. The most prominent feature was a very stiff neck (I could not touch my chin to my chest) and excruciatingly horrible headache and very very high fever. The doctor speculated either viral meningitis or West Nile in the follow up appointment. But then he did no testing.

You need to take him to a really good facility/doctor and demand thorough testing, in writing by certified mail if you have to in a letter expressing your concerns, though with a good doc this would probably not be necessary,

Reading the post again, a rheumatologist can run a Schirmer test (where they place a piece of paper in his eye to measure moisture) and see if he has sjogrens. Not all people with Sjogrens test positive on bloodwork, so remember that. A lip biopsy, or like my gallium scan, confirmed my Sjogrens. I have a lot of pressure in my head from it due to the pressure of my inflammed lacrimal glands. My eyes are frequently red, feel like there is dirt or eyelashes in them, get crusts occasionally, have swollen lids, and dryness can make sleeping impossible. I take another pill called evoxac, which increases the amount of saliva I make and also the amount of moisture in my eyes just enough to make sleeping possible and has greatly lessened the tartar on my teeth and my ability to swallow food comfortably. Ointments have worked better on my eyes at night, because they last much longer than drops. The restasis drops work well.

My blood pressure also shoots up due to possibly liver inflammation, blood sugar increases, and diet. If your brother seems to suffer from high or low blood sugar, you might see if the doctor has tested his blood insulin and suspects "metabolic syndrome". I also have metabolic syndrome/prediabetes causing fatty liver, sjogrens and other stuff. My hepatologist told me to find this, you must test blood insulin. I was put on glucophage, which helps alot and keeps my bp down. I was given a glucose tolerance test to see how much glucophage I might need. I do not have full blown diabetes.

I still don't know what the bumps are but plan to find out. I have very high cholestol, consistent with my liver, and there was some question I may have had a stroke and I am currently on an aspirin regimen.
by gapei123, Jul 14, 2009
i have 2 small bumbs on the back of my head one on either side of the back, not sure what they mean, they dont seem to do anything, no headaches or any pain at all...
but it concerns me because im really worried about what they could be
i am 14 and they've been there for maybe my whole life im not sure, but i just noticed them maybe few months ago
by everysoul, Nov 07, 2009
Hi!  I'm a 30-year-old woman with recurrent migraines (I've tried relpax, didn't like it).  I have anywhere from 2-3 migraines a month and have visual migraines (distortions of vision) where pieces of my visual field are distorted-which leads to some nausea and impairs lots of functioning (teaching, driving).  My migraines usually start out visually (distortion for 20-50 minutes) then, over the period of a day, I get neck pain/head pain which blossoms into a very uncomfortable migraine (usually always in back of head, crown, down neck...which leads me to think it's brought on by tension because I carry a lot of stress in neck/shoulder area).  Light is so painful.   I avoid all caffiene now (12 months) and I am beginning to think that alcohol triggers these migraines.

Additionally, for the past year and a half, during these migraines, or after (1 day) I will get an "egg" or really soft spot on my head, usually around the crown of my head.  It actually is hidden by my hair, but my friends have touched it and can feel it.  It's very sensitive to touch and feels like someone has pulled my hair really hard-or attempted to.  

I will go to the doctor and discuss this.  Other factors that I want to mention is I have developed allergic reactions to things I've never been allergic to.  

Good luck figuiring it out!
by luneamarogtantus, Nov 30, 2009
i have some of those symptoms except for the eye blinding part but somehow my body tries to fend itself off from such a disease. my body felt alright and good but the problem was in my head. somehow there is some kind of stress that create some kind of psychlogical disorder in the body. i have heard that drinking some painrelieving capsule would get get rid of it. but i think that your brother's symptoms is much different than mine. ill go see the effects of pain relieving capsules later cause im gonna try it ^^
by StormyRenee, Nov 30, 2009
I was dx with Transverse Myelitis & compilcated migraines with aura . My migraines mimic stroke.I also get silent migraines too. I also have 15 brain lesions heading towards a possible MS dx.

One of the very first things I  noticed were weird bumps on my temple area even before anything else ever started. The Rheumy did every test known to man and all were normal except my ANA titer 1:32 honogenous. I always wondered what they were. But now they are gone and I still have all the problems I started with.

There are certain conditions that can cause them . Heres some that I was tested for. Vaculitis,Sarcoidosis ,Lupus .He definatly needs to be checked out by a Rheumy and a neuro.

I too get sore spots on my scalp all the time.Before a migraine and  afterwards. I get icepick headaches too.....
My blood pressure is all over the place and I get heart palpatations due to autonomic nervous systeme damange.But it is really bad when I am having a migraine....

Your brother  needs a brain MRI with contrast thats the only way to see whats going on....