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dizzy, woozy, disoriented, blurred vision, visual distrubances, pregnnt...
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dizzy, woozy, disoriented, blurred vision, visual distrubances, pregnnt,

I am 15 weeks pregnant.  1.5 weeks ago, i had two spells in one day, where i was feeling poorly for about 20 minutes, then my vision got terribly blurred, i got dizzy and disoriented and needed assitance standing, and nearly blacked out.  went to the ER that evening, had a CAT scan that came up clean.  docs best guess was an atypical migraine (vascular headache).

followed up with my OB a couple days later.  she thought either the ER doc was right, or i could have some bizarre virus that my body wasnt' handling well.  she ordered blood tests.  everything came back negative, with a slightly elevated white blood cell count.  by this time , about a week had passed since my symptoms began and they still weren't clearing.  

in addition to these spells, i've been terribly fatigued, have "mild" dizzy, woozy and disoriented, spells that come and go all day (perhaps 5-10 a day).  the more serious spells happen about once or twice a day.

my OB sent me to a cardiologist to rule out any heart issues.  (EKG, echocardiogram, and heart monitor) i'm still waiting on some results, but everything so far has checked out fine.  and i've yet to experience any heart issues with this problem.

my blood pressure is great.  averaging 105/60.  pregnancy pee in a cup tests have all come back fine.

then two days ago, something strange happened.  i went out for brunch sat outside (it was warm), then spent another few hours outside.  i'd been on house rest of the past week and a half, so this was my first time really getting out.  came home, and felt more of the same.  then about 4 pm, things got weird.  my visual processing got really out of whack, it was almost trippy/hallucinating?  essentially, colors became saturated, objects appeared 2D in normal 3D space.  i was extremely woozy and disoriented.  i was eating dinner on teh back deck and saw the trees swaying in the wind.  rather than looking like they were blowing in the wind, it was almost as if the world was dancing and popping around me.  

this state was continuous, and continued for hours (until i went to sleep), and within i experince 5 or 6 of these "bad" spells where my vision goes completely blurred and i almost black out.  it was really unsettling.  i almost went to the ER, but slept instead.  when i woke up in the morning (yesterday), i had some trace of these weird visual disturbances, but nothing like before.  and now it's pretty much gone.  but i continue to feel lousy, tired, dizzy and woozy.

i saw my OB yesterday, and she's referring me to a neurologist, which sounds like a good next step... but i'm just out here trying to search for something... or some answer and was wondering if anyone had any idea.
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