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facial flushing
I am a 44 year old female dx'ed with RRMS in 2007.  Within the past several months I've developed random episodes of facial flushing.  Occasionally it occurs following a glass of wine, though until recently I've never had flushing as a result of drinking alcohol.  I'm a moderate drinker, at most a glass of wine per day on average, though I often of weeks without any alcohol.  

However more often I'm experiencing blushing in the absence of any obvious trigger.  I could be sitting quietly, reading or watching TV, when it spontaneously comes on.  I can tell it's happening as my face feels warm.  Typically it affects my cheeks and nose, and occasionally my forehead as well.  I'm not otherwise too warm, in fact I keep my house on the cooler side.  

I dont have heart palpitations or other similar symptoms when the flushing occurs.  Curiously, I exercise regularly but do not get this degree of warm flushing when I work out, just the nornal redness one would have.  

My daily meds are Copaxone, gabapentin and nortriptyline, occasionally Apo-Amilzide for PMS bloating.  None of these meds are new, I've been on them or years.  I also take Vitamin D.  I had one episode of severe flushing a couple of years ago after taking a high dose of niacin on one occasion however haven't taken any since.  

I read that in some cases spinal lesions can cause flushing.  Can this occur in MS?  I do have MS lesions on my cervical and thoracic spinal cord.  If not likely due to MS, which is my only known health concern, what else might be the cause?
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