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hyperreflexia, autonomic dysreflexia
hi there i think i am suffering from autonomic dysreflexia and i need some suggestions on where to go from here
the symptoms i am experiencing are as follows
pounding headache(to the back of the head)
goose bumps(even when i am not cold)
nasal congestion(only at night usually)
blotching of the skin( get hot flashes and red blotchy rash 6-9times/day)
flushed face
nausea(every day, controlled by zophran though)
blue color skin(this has been happening lately past 1month, after rash goes away skin will go a bluish color)
heart rate increases, blood pressure increases when i have these episodes
diarrhea- 35-40times a day uncontrollable at time(have accidents
flushing of face neck,arms,legs,feet
back spasms
urinary urgency i have to race to the bathroom or i do not make it(accidents)
and night time urination( 5+ a night)
what kind of doctor/specialist specializes in this field.  i live in edmonton. i thinking neurology but that is just  a guess
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