memory loss,crying spells, forgefullness, and constant headaches
by Sherese28, Jan 31, 2008
I'm 28 years old and female, I started to feel really sick and it was a constant feeling. It’s been 11 months now, and my symptoms have only worsened I went from having a constant headache, into slurred speech, crying spells, dizziness, weight loss, unable to Concentrate, fatigue, loss of  strength, fevers, cold sweats, blisters on my chest,numbness of hands and feet and face, memory loss I would forget things after I was just told something. Hours would pass by and I had no clue. I can hardly read, or write or even try to explain things or what I’m feeling its like I forgot how to speak? Its this odd feeling in get in my mind. I went to my GP and she only laughed at me and didn’t really take me serious. I was sent to a neurologist, where he just sent me to the hospital for an EEG, MRI, CT-scan. Everything came back clear and I’m still having my episodes every day off and on, I’m unaccountable and unable to trust myself one moment I’m just ok and then the next I cant see or talk or walk, it’s scary to know the doctors don’t know how to treat me.
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by sadea, Apr 29, 2008
hi Sherese,

i have been same symptoms for last 2 yrs . i have tried antidepressents but did work, infact worsen my condition. I went to number of doctors ,had alot of blood test, hormones test, CT scan everything came out to be normal. I have some periods problem. I am very upset because of my condition nothing seems to work for me.Each day i wake up thinking whats gonna happen today. But now i m going for my complete gyny check up, lets c wht doctor say.