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seizure, tremors
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seizure, tremors

Dear Madam/Sir,
last Sunday I had some kind of well, sudden numbness in my face, left hand and left leg. It lasted for a few minutes, but I continued to squeeze my hand and move my leg. Eight days have passed, I saw a neurologist in the meantime, but he didn't perform any tests, My left arm and leg feel less strong and different than my right side. And I noticed today that on a part of my face skin looks different, as if a bit swollen, different. When I smile it feels different on the left side of my face. I think that my oversensitivity to light might have contributed to this as it was a bright sunny day. (I read that adrenal glands when they are tired can cause oversensitivity.) But I don't understand why I am so sensitive when I love being outdoors and it feels like a prison.
History: I have had tremors for two years now. After I was told to see a psychiatrist, I becaume anxious what is wrong with me. I saw a psychologist for some time and I was recommended a light anti-anxiety drug Helex. At the same time I experienced typical hiperthyroid symptoms. After I insisted I finally had T3,T4 (upper border value) and TSH tested, and an endocrinologist suspected that I was in fact, headed towards hypothyroidism as TSH was 3.5 on a 0-4 scale. Four months later so it was. My T3 and T4 dropped and TSH was 4,7 on 0-4 scale one and a half year ago.
As this is mild hypothyroidism, I didn't take any medicine, but she said that it could be the hormones causing the symptoms as some women are more sensitive. I feel very weak.
My eyes are very sensitive to light. I can't stand being outdoors on a sunny day even with my sunglasses on. I then feel pain in my eyes, forehead and back of the head and neck. Then I feel as if I could throw up and pressure on my kidney area. Whenever I work intelectually more than two hours I feel hot. In general I have hot itchy flashes, I feel irritated and very dry skin. When my eyes are so dry, my mouth becomes dry as well and it hasn't much to do with my mood. I lay in bed, relaxed, I do Silva Mind system, but these symptoms persist. I get shivers, I'm hot then I'm cold as if my energy system is mixed up. Before it rains I feel hot, before it snows, even hotter. It's all weird. Whenever there is a change in weather my tremors worsen and my hands stiffen. I have PMS and then I get migraine headaches. I live in a small town, so not many good specialists are available to me. I would even consider coming to the States to have this resolved. Do you recomend high potency vit B complex (Neurobion)? The neurologist said he doesn't believe in vitamins.(?) It take Mg - Ca - Zn as well. How to treat tremors as they wear me out? I am 34 and I am not overweight. My blood pressure used to be low, but sometimes it feels as if it is "jumping".
If perhaps this would be a question for endocrinologist, please let me know.
Thank for your reply. Thank you for reading my letter. Greetings from Croatia.
Yours truly, I.
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