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whats the matter with me?
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whats the matter with me?

ive had tgese problems for years:
back pain
leg pain
neck pain
tingling in legs and one hand
numbness in one hand and stiffness
stiffness in legs
muscle weakness
heartburn(llike acid in throat)
tired all time
poor memory
lack of concentration
easily angered
prickly pain in arms.legs. head.(only lasts seconds)
very sharp pain down legs(just lasts a few mins)
memory blanks
atheletes foot for two half years
slow healing

constant urine infections(for almost two years)
then i had a stroke(bleed) in nov 2011
since then:(same as above)
dry eyes
poor vision
blurred vision
more dizzyness
more forgetfulness
more pain
burning skin
aches all over so bad in my legs can hardly walk.
feet go dark purple in shower
cold feet constantly

does anyone know whats the matter?
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Okay let's take one thing at a time.

From the sounds of it you could have acid reflux/ GERD...that coming from over half of the symptoms you listed.
You could suffer from anxiety ( which can be brought on by GERD/acid reflux...the two seem to go hand in hand) which comes from almost ALL of the above symptoms.

Sounds like you also have bad circulation.
The bad circulation, the aching legs, purple feet, sharp pain in legs, etc...can be caused by bad arches, a bad back, ( nerve being pinched somewhere along the spine) neck being out ( would explain headaches/migraines as well )

Diabetes is something you may want to be tested for, as well as thyroid issues.

Since you did list anxious as a symptom, I'm prone to saying that most, if not all of your symptoms are being caused by anxiety/stress.

The eye problems could come from glaucoma, aging eyes, sinus problems, etc.

Please note that I'm only naming a few things...there are so many other things that could be wrong, but I chose to name the things that had the most symptoms in common...if that makes sense. lol
You should certainly take this full list to your doctor.
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hi thanks for your help. ive been to my docs about this and he just gives me painkilkers and antibiotics for the water infection that still hasnt cleared up. ive got my bf that concerned that hes rang the nhs nurse about it and she sugested i get tested for fibro also ms as she said i seem to have symptoms of both. but i went my docs two days ago and told him what tge nurse said and he said no he didnt think so. ive also looked both up myself and have most of the symptoms for both. i went to another gp and he diagnosed me with fibro straight away but i didnt mention the ms to him. im going out of my mind with worry and thinking is it all in my head. my bf reasures me its not as im in pain all the time and he counted how many times i went the toilet in ion day and it was 35. so oviously something wrong with my bladder. i just dont kbow what to do as am sick of going to the doc as i feel im bothering him.or he may think im a hypocondriac. but this is very real i go through it every day and it seems noone listens. ive been told manytimes my doc is bad. also i had bad migraine for nearly two yeears before ihad a stroke and knew something wasnt right and asked my doc send me for a scan but he refused. sorry about the moaning just need talk to someone. what do u think?
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You sure sound like a case of Lyme Disease!  I remember that scary, horrible feeling of being so sick, and not getting any answers from numerous doctors.  

All of the symptoms of Fibro are on the list for Lyme, and many people with Lyme get misdiagnosed with Fibro and other conditions.

Check out the symptom list in this document.  It was very helpful for me as I had no idea that Lyme could so significantly affect practically every system in the body.

Unfortunately, most doctors arenot familiar with the symptoms of late stage Lyme, and also wrongly believe the blood tests are perfect.  In reality, many Lyme patients test negative according to the CDC interpretation, which was intended for statistical purposes, not for applying or denying a diagnosis. I tested negative on standard blood tests, but then positive at IGeneX, a specialty lab.  (I believe I was negative in part because I had taken steroids, which suppress the immune system and make Lyme much worse.)

Lyme is controversial in the medical community, from disease definition to diagnosis to treatment.  Your best bet to get diagnosed and treated correctly is to get checked out by a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) who knows Lyme well.  It is a very complicated illness and late stage disease is rarely cured with the month of antibiotics an Infectious Disease doctor will prescribe for you.  

I don't know where you are, but you can check out local Lyme support groups for a recommendation.  There are a lot of doctors out there who don't know much about Lyme, so you want one who is affiliated with ILADS and who follows their treatment recommendations of adjusting treatment for each individual based on illness, tolerance for medications, and response.

You can also learn more in the Lyme Disease Forum.  Hang in there!  It's treatable.
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thanks for the reply. well if its lyme desease i must have had it for years! ive since been dx eith fibro again. does anyone have detriation in both eyes in a matter of three month with fibro?think i may see if i can get tested just incase for lyme but ive been on constant anyobiotics for two years everyday for water infections that have not cleared up. so would that not clear up the lyme?
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Lyme requires certain specific antibiotics in fairly hefty doses to cure.  The wrong abx or too low of a dose would just make a dent in it. If you indeed have Lyme, it would explain your deteriorating eye sight (I have that, too), and it would also indicate that it's still progressing.  It's known to infect the bladder, which would account for chronic UTIs, and would also explain why all the abx you've taken for them haven't solved the problem.

I had Lyme for 6 years before I finally got diagnosed.  I have since learned that unless you saw a bulls eye rash (half of us don't), it usually goes on for years because doctors are so unfamiliar with later stages..  Doctors have become very specialized and with a multi-system disease like Lyme, they tend to focus on the major symptoms, or give a catch-all "diagnosis" of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, neither of which has a known cause or cure. (I met one person whose rheumatologist was insisting he had 4-5 different diseases, all unusual and all developing at once in the previous few months.  Turns out he just had Lyme, which was respomsible for all of his symptoms.)

Lyme can cause permanent damage.  If your doctor won't test you because, "We don't have any Lyme in --------!", then find another doctor who will. Ticks do not read maps, and Lyme has been reported in every state in the country. Infection rates are growing every year. The CDC has already stated that there are probably 10 times as many cases as what gets reported, which is 30k cases.  That would make the real number around 300,000/year.  I ended up negative on my first two tests (probably because I'd had it so long, I'd previously had insufficient abx to cure it, and I'd been given steroids that suppressed my immune system and made me much worse). I tested positive at IGeneX, a specialty lab that does more sophisticated testing.

Its a horrible disease, but it can be cured in most people
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