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OCD about hiv syringe prick...help me...going crazy!!!!!!!!!
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OCD about hiv syringe prick...help me...going crazy!!!!!!!!!

Hi Friends,

I am having ocd for about 7 years now and having extremely stressfull situations till now.But now this OCD has gone to its Peak as it is now obesssed with HIV.The incident took place one week back as i was travelling in a bike in crowded area in the night.One stranger asked to give a lift.While giving him the lift sudden i felt a prick pain on my butts.I immediately reacted and it was jus a 5 secs episode.After dropping him to his place i thought of OCD as what if this guy pricked me with a HIV infected syringe.The Guy was pretty un hygenic also.Now iam having lots of negative thoughts about this guys pricked me with the syringe.I need to wait for 3 months to get tested again.i am pulling my hairs now shouting at myself for giving that guy a lift.Pleae help me in clarifiying the below questions..i deaperately need help now...

1) can any one insert a syringe in a running vehicle while sitting behind me ....can this possible??/
2)Has any one come across this type of situations or even heard as some one affected in this type of sitution??
3)even if he pricked could he have inserted the syringe and injected the infected blood in my butt in 5 secs.I i was wearing a cotton pant and boxer.
4)I did go back home and checked my butt(there was no marks) & the boxers(no blood stains)....do when some one stabs u from back u will have some mark or blood surely rite???
5)What if he used some small syringe like a 1 ml syringe to stab me will there be enough pain for me to respond???
6)Even if he had stabbed me is 5 secs enough to inject blood in my butt??
7)if injected ther would be some pain in the butt for atleast 2-3 mins rite????i did feel pain for 5 secs only after that i did not feel any pain felt jus normal...
8)do you this is this my ocd or is this real????i cant believe all these are happening to me....

Please help me friends.....i beg to god and others to relive me from this pain seriously....i have wasted much for this ocd in my life ....now this OCD combined with HIV makes the worse of them all.....i cant sleep ...i find my self reserching all over my body for symtoms (symptoms)....this is like living helll....no matter how much i convince myself the fear come back to haunt me again & again....i hope to find some one with honest answeres to acces my sistuation...i cannot carry on my normal life...........please help me people ...iam facing some terrible situation between reality and imagination.....i dont know which one is  true..................

4)Even tough i was wearing a cotton pants and brief can he still
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Hey there,

If you look up my posts, you'll see that I have my fair share of problems.  Just last weekend I was at a house with some friends, took a nap briefly and went back home.  Earlier this week, I noticed 4 or 5 little red marks on my upper arm and what did I instantly think? That someone while I was napping at this house over the weekend stuck me with a needle.  I know this didn't happen and the marks and more than likely the result of my scathing my arm, but the thought is still there.

We can breakdown your scenario over and over again, but no matter how much evidence we can find in your favor, the doubt will still be there.  I highly,highly doubt what you described actually happened. Who knows where the pain came from?  Maybe it was just in your head? Odds are it's OCD or unreasonable fears you have.

I know exactly what you're going through and I wish there were magic words I could post to relieve you of this issue, but there aren't.  Some will suggest counselling, professional help, etc which may work, but what I can tell you is that you ARE NOT the only one dealing with this.  There are many of us.

I hope this helps.
hey buddy,

Thankyou so much for ur reply.I feel relaxed now.But i surely no that its only for this moment.I am going to get worried sooner than later now.I cant help myself.From now onwards ive dedided not to give lift  to anyone in any circumstances in my life.I am very angry at myself.yesterday i went to the same place at the same time looking for that same guy...hoping that could find him and get him tested for hiv...but i could not find him.

The real problem with this OCD abt HIV is the testing time for this disease.I have to wait for 3 more months to clear my mind completely..Thats the hardeest part of this HIV related OCD.For other OCD we can rectify it in short span.But for this i have no choice than for wait 3 more hard months.i am searching for symtoms (symptoms) everyday.Every nite when i sleep i hope i get up the next day with out any symtoms (symptoms).

Now i have a canker sore in the inside part of my tongue on the left hand side.Every time when i swallow it pains iam very afraid now.my life is like standing on fire.......
just think one thing . from where that person would get hiv needle , besouse it is very fragile virus so that person cant preserve the virus to infect u ...
I think its may be a tiny insects that make u pain ...
dont worry move on ...
am also trying to movr on ...
Thanks mack,

Well what i thought he is somekind of physcho creep(he looked like that unhygenic)who is trying to infect some one out there.And i was his victim.What he did is draw his blood jus an hour ago and kept it in his pocket.And while he was sitting behind me and then pricked me with the syringe and throw that on the road while running.i heard that HIV virus can live in a protected syringe for some hours.

I think its irrational but i cant help myself.Anyways thanks for ur reply...
You are thoroughly stressed...
i could really feel your pain...because i have gone through the same situation....

After one month of exposure i went to a reputed hospital in chennai.The doctor advised me to do some diagnostic test.....At the collection room i found that the lab technician used a needle which was already placed open in the table.i did not mind it at all while giving blood...i did not know that whether the needle was a new one or the one used for previous patient...
Then i started worrying about it for whole 3 to 4 months...
So never think that way.......

From the first few weeks- till date of my exposure i was stressed too much and i used to think all in a negative way....
After 3 months of negative test i started thinking that the antibiotic which i was taking for prostrate infection might have delayed the window period....
But nothing was like that way...
This saturday march 29/2014 i did my 6 months hiv test which came negative.........
But i strongly recommend u to believe in you...
u donot have hiv.....
82 nd day negative is not going to change in next 8 days.....

The OCD is troubling u and me a lot...that is what i strongly believe...

I just dropped in to tell u that you are going through this alone, I've been suffering with OCD for ten years now, severe relapses from time to time, my current relapse is fear of need stick injuries.

I would like to emphasise that since this spike started I've been feeling pricks all over my body, even when I'm sleeping in my own bed where I'm 100% sure that there are no needles that would prick.

The OCD is a very powerful monster.

Even as an OCD sufferer I don't think that guy pricked you with a needle, it is probably your brain who made u feel this.

Again, you're not alone with this, my life is crashing because of this ocd
Thank you so much zena for helping me...I think our OCD is so powerful that it can even react to slight muscle contraction of skin irritations in our back...Still having un explained thoughts about that incident...I guess there is no definte cure of this OCD....We jus have to live it forever.OCD has ruined my life for that past 7 years.......Lost a lot of success because of this...Very frustrated becoz of my ocd
Thanks shyam,

I will take your comments for now  and try to move on from this incident....
The needle has to extra long, which would not fit with him.

He wouldnt hurt u since ur a helper.

Blood would have showed on ur underwear.

The butt has muscles that might show a slightly blue-ish color after the prick.

Stop worrying now
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