Cracking wrist
by originaltomato, Nov 07, 2007
I fell down yesterday on my rollerblades without having wrist support at extreme downhill speed. It was a long but rather gentle slide because I managed to bend my knees first and than land on my open streched hand. I landed a bit sideways and I am having pain from the bottom of my pinky to the wrist and on that side of the wrist itself.. I am doing RICE and having full movement ability with small pain. I can type having slight pain when using my pinky. There is almost no sweling but in sudden and specific movement of my wrist left-right I can sometimes here a small cracking sound in my wrist. I can't judge should I go for an X-ray? Under touch both wrists feel the same.
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by star queen, Nov 07, 2007
Popping sounds usually mean that air has gotten into a joint and is being amplified to the point that you can hear it.  Cracking sounds are a bit harder to figure out without an xray.  You may be fine or you may have small bits of bone in the joint itself.  It may not be hurting now, but it is a good idea to go to an orthopedist and get it checked out.  If you are going to continue rollerbladine, I suggest a trip to the store for th proper safety equipment. Don't be stupid, injuries now may not be too bad, but as you age comes back to haunt you.  good luck
by elenn, Aug 04, 2009
how do explain wrist pain extending into my fingers that requires me to crack my wrist to relieve the pain?
by elenn, Aug 04, 2009
im sorry that probably was not in detail enough... I am a year round volleyball player. just last fall i ruptured the ligaments under my thumb on my hand and was in a cast for six weeks. since about march i have been feeling intense pain in the same hand/wrist that requires me to crack it to stop the pain. Also some times i am not able to crack my wrist when i feel it in my wrist. My other symptoms include numbness and tingling in the fingers periodically as well as recurring pain in my thumb and pinky. even after my season has stopped and i have not played volleyball in two months, i still have pain and continue to crack my wrist. my doctor could not tell me what was wrong and was hoping for advice before seeking another opinion and starting up another season of volleyball. any clues as to my problem would be helpful thanks!
by Dr VinodBlank, Aug 04, 2009
After you were in the cast for 6 weeks you need physiotherapy.
Do not crack your wrist like that, it would become habit forming. Visit a Physiotherapist and do proper hand movements which are required to decrease stiffness and nerve tingling and other issues.

You have these tendons extending from wrist attached to your finger bones so with exercise and physiotherapy you would improve.

Take care!
by bellabee114, Mar 10, 2013
i am clumsy and when i was at school, i fell down the stairs and hurt my right wrist, i can move it but it hurts really bad when i do  and i also feel and hear cracking and it feels like there is a crack in my wrist. What should i do?