Has anyone had the Synvisc injections?
by Kikko, Apr 11, 2007
I have had left knee problems for at least 4 years now.  Dr. has given me quite a few injections into the knee.  Now he is suggesting Synvisc injections. This is injected once a week for three weeks and is supposed to provide up to 6 months of knee pain relief. I was wondering if anyone has had this treatment and if there are any side effects from it?  And does it really work and last as long as they claim?????  Thanks,  Kikko
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by kneeone, Apr 19, 2007
I just received my first shot of Synvisk on 4/18/07, and within minutes my knee pain was completely gone.  There is still a little stiffness, but so far I feel like my knee's are new.  I still have 2 more shots to get and I can't wait to see how I feel....  I was told that for some people it works on the frist shot and some it takes all 3 shots before it works.  i guess I got lucky.  I can now continue playing softball as before the shots I couldn't run, now I am as fast as I used to be...
by Kikko, Apr 19, 2007
thank you for the encouraging information.  I hope you continue to do well with it.  Did your doctor tell you how long it will last and how often you can get the series of injections?  Kikko
by kneeone, Apr 20, 2007
The shot last's up to 6 months, but I need to ask how often I can receive the treatment.  I played softball last night and I had absolutely no knee pain and I was able to run and slide, something I couldn't do for a few years now.  It has made playing soooo much more enjoyable.  I wish that I had known about this treatment sooner.
by Kikko, Apr 20, 2007
I am so happy for you.  Just don't overdo and cause more damage.  If you find out more about the treatments, do post it.  I won't be seeing my Dr. for another few weeks.  But I do think I will give it a try.  I might not get as good results as you did.  I am 66 yrs old.  And if you are playing softball, you are young! Good luck to you.   Kikko
by kneeone, Apr 21, 2007
I am 36, but my doctor told me that I have the knees of an 80 year old.  There was an elderly lady that my doctor said was 86, getting the same treatment as me.  I have had 2 knee surgeries and the cartiligde is dissintigrating so I am on borrowed time.  But I will let you know how the other treatments go next week.
by kneeone, May 03, 2007
I received my 3rd and final shot yesterday, and I feel like a million bucks !!!!!!!!
  Hopefully this feeling will continue for over the 6 month time frame.
by Kikko, May 05, 2007
Hi Kneeone,  So glad the shots have worked so well for you.  Saw my Dr. and he said I first needed to have the knee joint "cleaned" out with an arthroscopy as cartledge wear is very visiable on the exrays.  Had that done and now just have to wait for swelling to go down before he can start the injections.  I will be very happy with even some relief and postponing the fact that I will need a replacement with a few years.  I'll stall on that as long as I can!  Keep up the good work and God bless you.   Kikko
by bracs girl, May 18, 2007
yes i have had the synvisc injections and that was one of the best things!!!!!
i have had two series in my right knee. each series lasted 6 months. now i have a pretty bad problem with my left knee and i am trying to get a prior authorization from my ins. co to approve it, however they want 90 days of conservative therapy befor they will approve it. i work in a pharmacy, i'm trying to come up with the money myself to get started on the left knee. i can not beleive ho much better my knee was and the things i could that i had not been able to
by Caren Kosen, May 31, 2007
I had the injections in both my knees 2 days ago. Immediatly after the injection one of my knees actually started to buckle. I have had pain in both knees since. I called my MD who recommended to ice them. Last night my knee felt like it popped out. I have read all the side effects and this does not seem to be the norm. I have a appointment with my Orthopedist today. I am very reluctant to have the next set of shots next week. I seem to have more pain now then I did prior to the shots..Both knees are increadably stiff as well.