Late Diagnosis Hairline Fracture
by JimmyMiracle, May 01, 2009
      Two months ago I fell on down the subway stairs on my left hand. I was in excruciating pain for a few hours, but I did not go to the ER. Instead, I iced my hand and took aspirin for a few days and tried to lay off my "sprain". I never splinted my hand. A few weeks later I started using my hand to open doors, play guitar, etc, with still minor pain. It has been two months now and my pointer finger still hurts a little when I play guitar or press my bike brake.
     I paid $125 for a meaningless doctor visit who said I need to see an orthopedic doctor instead. However, I did get an x-ray last week (two months after the fall). The x-ray results were 'undetermined'. They say there could be a hairline fracture on the 2nd digit of my pointer finger and they advised me to go to the ER. I disagree with going to the ER for a minor 'possible' hairline fracture two months late. I also don't want to pay more money for an 'orthopedic professional' to splint my finger or say, "You need surgery."
       However, I did buy a splint to immobilize my finger and hand yesterday. I felt a slight throbbing in the second digit of my pointer finger all day today, but I feel like immobilizing the hand for 3 weeks to let it re-heal properly is my best diagnosis. I believe the injury is too minor for surgery, and there is no pain unless I bump something at a bad angle or grip very tight.  I want to see if anyone thinks my solution is viable or if I do need to seek a "professional" and why. What are they going to do other than: splint or surgery?
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by Dr VinodBlank, May 02, 2009
The most important thing here is you are more angry on the medical charges, demanded by doctors rather than your own health.
Remember you fell down and it was very painful 2 months ago, here you might have damaged your finger on which all the pressure went!
Even if you had a hairline fracture you need to rest your fingers to let the bone heal and for perfect healing you needed to immobilize for 3-4 weeks by a splint.
After 2 months if your bones did not heal properly you will have residual pain and deformity. The fingers have intricate nerves and arteries supplied all over it.
I fear but have to tell you now you have to go thoroughly and clinically even if you do not want to visit an orthopaedician.
It is upto you to decide the course but i suggest you to go to an orthopaedicain:
i) diagnose the extent of injury
ii) treatment according to diagnosis.

Take care and Best of luck!
by del215, Nov 03, 2010
is it possible to heal or fix after 2 months