Talus Fracture Recovery
by Dakota102010, Aug 31, 2010
Hi, i am a 26 yr old, consider myself quite healthy, haha. I was in a go-kart accident where i dislocated and broke the Talus bone in my left foot. I broke it on a saturday night and by sunday morning at 9:30, after being in the hospital all night, i had ORIF surgery and have one screw in the talus bone. My surgeon classified it as a Hawkins type three talar fracture, the blood vessels were damaged, so he says there is only a 10% chance that they will repair, and that if they dont, the bone will collapse or die because of no blood flow. They had to operate from both sides of my foot to have everything go back into its right place, and they had to put wires and screws in the talus bone to hold it in place. its now day 100 since i broke it, ive been taking calcium suppliments as well as magnesium and vitamin D to help my body out some more, to give it the best chance of a good healing. i was non-weightbearing for 14 weeks. Ive has one plaster cast, two fibreglass and now have a cam walker air cast. I was told that i can now begin to try and make simple movements with my foot, which seems to progress each week. I am now able to put 30 lbs of weight on it, and increment 5 lbs/week until my next appointment, where i am hoping i will be able to switch to a cane instead of crutches. Today while i was getting out of the tub, i was standing at the sink for about 15 minutes before i put my cast back on, i noticed that my foot was a purple color. When i sat down and elevated it, it took no time for it to return to a normal color, so i stood up again and timed it, within 30 seconds it was red, and over the minute mark, it was starting to turn the purplish color, when i press on the skin, its white for about 2-3 seconds and returns quickly back to the redish/purple. If there was poor circulation, how would i know? When the talus bone was broke, there was damage to the blood supply, would this be causing this? Should i contact my surgeon? or is this something normally seen after this type of a ORIF of the talus bone surgery. Ive never had a break or surgery like this, so i wanna shed some light on it. Ive kept it elevated for a majority of the 14 weeks i have been home. Should i not be keeping it elevated all the time now that i am starting to re-habilitate the joint? Any recommendations/suggestions? At my last two appointments 5 weeks ago and last week, the surgeon noted both times that there was a hawkins sign on the dome of the talus.

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by time2growup, Sep 01, 2010
Hi roach, I sustained a calcaneus fracture 4 weeks ago and shattered the heel bone was told by my surgeon that he would not operate unless I quit smoking because of bad circulatory problems, this injury is associated with bad blood circulation that is why elevation is essential for recovery and as you noticed this flags up when the foot is down I wouldnt panic about it just ask your surgeon or physio when you see them I have the same thing and when you feel your foot in the down position it's usually freezing cold if I was you i'd still keep it elevated as I have read that alot of people even when they start walking again have to elevate because the swelling gets too bad hope this helps :-)
by PedroH, Sep 01, 2010
Hi there Roach! The red/purple colour you have is very normal & is just due to the trama your leg/foot has endured.-Give it another month or two.- However, you should still have circulation checked or see if you can feel your pulse on the top of your foot & note if it seems cold.I think the Drs talkng about decreased blood flow is most likely in the talus itself as there is a risk of AVN in the talus.Hope this is of some help to you!
by Dakota102010, Sep 02, 2010
Hi Guys, the swelling has come down quite substantially in the last 15 weeks, the pulse in the top of my foot is good and strong, but my foots rarely cold, its always warm. The partial hawkings sign was great news to get, of all the documents ive read, the hawkings sign is great news as its a sign of decreased chances of AVN. I have been aloud to put 40 lbs of weight on in the last 3 weeks, started out at 30, and i can add 5lbs a week. I have noticed more changes almost weekly in my foot, as to swelling coming down and the ankle bones showing on the sides. It was quite a severe break. Ive been taking calcium suppliments and magnesium, as well ad D and C as i havent been able to get out of the house as much as i usually did before, im on week 15 now, and i really feel that the suppliments, and the rest i have given it have given it a strong chance for a good recovery. There is still quite a bit of bruising around the incision area and where the post op blood blisters were. They have put me off work until january, so this time will be great to give it the best possible time to heal, i also massage my foot and apply some heat at least once a day before i do simple movements with the ankle, it really seems to help.

Thanks for the info!! hope you injury of the calcaneus heals well. How did you break it?

by time2growup, Sep 02, 2010
That's great news roach sounds as if everything is looking good for you it's always worrying when it involves something like simply walking you've done well to keep your head all this time i'm 4 weeks in and losing mine lol and as to how I sustained the injury talk about a blonde moment and misjudgement of height lol was going great today swelling was down, had a bit of a music afternoon in my living room (no dancing tho!) then managed to step on a plug end with my good foot automatically jumped on my bad foot now the swelling has come up again oh joy! Thanx 4 replying to my post keep well & take care :-)
by Dakota102010, Sep 24, 2010
Hello again. Im now on week 17, i am up to 55lbs weight bearing, still on crutches. I noticed in the last 2 weeks since i hit the 50lbs mark, my heel seems to almost have a pins and needles sensation when i put weight on my heel to walk forward. it is only when pressure is applied though, i can push on certain parts of the botton of my heel and get this sensation. What would this be? For the record, i got the surgery report from my doctor, and it said that 1. ORIF Fractured Left Talus, 2. Reduction dislocated subtalar joint and 3. Bone Grafting of the talus. would this be from the reduction of the subtalar joint? Im guessing that is the dislocated ankle part of the whole break? Switch to full weight bearing and cane next thursday, any tips? Advice?
by PedroH, Sep 25, 2010
Hi there! Sounds like you are doing great.The pins & needles are par for the course you will probably get that feeling on the top of the foot as well once you get walking.-Nobody seem to have any kind of concern about that.-Might I suggest that you use one crutch before you use a cane.Surprisingly enough,the transition doesn't take that long but for me going straight to a cane didn't feel very secure. One more bit of advice,if things don't seem right, hound your Drs.-I am almost 2yrs. post accident and now am told I have flattening of the talus- Now am waiting for a specializing specialist appt. to see what can be done. Good luck to you!
by lyndajoy, Sep 26, 2010
I hope you are doing well.  My son fractured his talus when he was a bit younger than you.  Do as your specialist has instructed.  The talus is a very important bone in your foot and you want it to be completely healed.  Not only would improper healing cause problems for your foot, but anything like that can throw your other joints off and things like knee or back pain could develop.  Take care.
by bci348, Jan 21, 2011
Hello, i fell off a ladder and shattered my heel in july of 2010. I now have a plate with six screws. I was healing on schedule when half way through rehab i fell frontwards landing with all my body weight on my foot. Now i have pain and sweeling where my talus is located,i also have a lump on the bottom of my foot where my arc is.I can walk without the use of anything,but i have pain where the talus is.I was wondering if i stay off of it completely for about a month would it heal on its own.I really need to get back to work,so another surgery is out of the question.
by mikeburch73, Apr 01, 2012
im 39 now and its been over 2 years since my injury called a type 3 hawkins break. i fell 3 stories off a roof and tore my left ankel up. i had surgery the day of the accident and was in the hospital for 4 days was in many casts for almost a year i couldnt put any weight on it  for almost a year , went through the purple and red stuff with my foot that should improve with time alot of time,i have 8 screws and a plate in my ankle right now with alot of nerve damage also , ive lost alot of motion in it alot,so much that it has even stopped my toes from bending ,and from what the doc says ill have to have my ankle fused when it finally crushes in or when i cant take the pain anylonger, im in pain everyday some more then others i will never be the way i was before this and thats what ***** the most , my friends call me a wuss and to suck it up and i wish it was that easy ive had broken wrist , hand fingers but ive had nothing like this . i thought i would be in a cast for a few then back to normal , well that hasnt happend yet and ive come to the realization that its not gonna ever be like it was so good luck to whoever this happens to i wish you all the best and god bless.