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13 Month Boy Out of Control
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13 Month Boy Out of Control

HELP! My 13 month old boy is out of control (emotionally and behaviorally). I have been staying home with him since he was 8 months old and my mother inlaw babysat him until he was 8 months. Now that he started staying with me, he cries every time I leave the room even if his father is there. He cries if I go by and don't pick him up, he cries if I leave him with someone else. As long as I am in the room and my attention is on him, it is ok. If I leave him with someone else, he will only stay for a few hours and then he starts screaming and crying until I pick him up. He has never been in daycare. He is continually asking for my attention, I can not do any housework bcs he will not let me, he will cling on to my clothes and will not let go. If he wants something and I dont give it to him he will SCRATCH my FACE, HE will PULL MY HAIR, HE will BITE ME, and he ONLY DOES THIS TO ME... ONLY TO ME. He does not behave like this with others. One time I left him with my mother inlaw which she was with him until he was 8 months so he knows her very well, and when bed time came around he screamed and cried until my husband and I went to pick him up. He wakes up screaming, at night time he wakes up several time (he is teething now), but still wants his milk bottle everytime he wakes up. He has a REALLY bad temper. When things do not go his way he will stiff up and get bright red and start screaming or crying until he gets his way.... He will do the things that a child does, but he is soooooo attached to me that I can not go anywhere or do anything until he is asleep. I am up every night until 2 or 3 am cleaning and cooking for the next day bcs he just simply will not allow me to. I want to go back to work soon but fear that after puting him in daycare they will ask me to take him home for bad behavior. Please guide me as to what to do to give my child a better direction.....
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My daughter is 12 months and is behaiving very similarly.
She has a TEMPER let me tell you! lol
I believe that sometimes she walks around and gets into things just for the attention because she knows if she says getting into things, my attention will have to stay on her so I can make sure she doesn't do anything.
Other times she can passify herself for a lil while before wanting attention.

She wants to be held ALL the time, and this is partially my fault because after she was born that's ALL I did was hold her. She slept on my chest or next to me on the bed, in her swing or her bouncer because if I put her in her crib she'd scream bloody murder. lol
It wasn't till she was about 4 months old when I started making her sleep in her crib.
She was also breastfed for 8 months, and that alone will make a baby very clingy to it's mother.

She throws the biggest tempertantrums sometimes and it makes me mad cuz right now hubby n I have to live with his parents, and at night when she throws these tantrums his mother comes in all pissed off thinking we're hurting her or something and drags her off.
And I'm always like, "Will you shut up about us doing her wrong!? She's FINE. She's just mad cuz she wants to be out of her crib!"
Right now we're trying to break her from the bottle at night and boy does she get MAD when she sees she isn't getting one!! lol
I try to explain to hubby's mom that she is just p*ssed off cuz she wants her bottle and she's not getting one. But she still insists that hubby n I are misstreating her and that's why she's crying.

I would NEVER do my daughter wrong, she is my world and I have a hard time giving her a swat on the hand or the rump when she's getting into something and won't listen to me when I tell her no.
I could NEVER hurt to to make her scream the way she does when she's mad.

My daughter also likes to BITE ME when she's mad at me. Mostly my legs she bites me cuz they're usually the closest thing to her. lol
She's never bitten anyone else out of anger except me. Actually the only other person she's bitten was her father one time right on his buttcheek. lmao
He was laying down on his stomach, and ofcoarse if someone's sitting or laying down on the floor in the livingroom, she feels the need to go over there and use them as her personal jungle gym and lay in a few good whacks usually on their head. lol.
And she was climbing on his back, and for some reason just bit him on the butt.
It was very funny. He got owned. lmao

She also doesn't like it when I go outside for a cigarette and don't take her out with me.
I don't mind on nice days cuz she can play in the yard while I smoke, but on rainy days where it's wet and I have to stay on the porch, and even though our porch isn't enclosed, I still don't like her anywhere near my cigarette smoke.
She'll see me walking towards the door and start RUNNING after me, and when I close that door she'll sit there and throw a hissy fit. Kicking and screaming. The lot. lol

I'm hoping she grows outta it.
I'm trying to break her from expecting her way ALL the time because she's getting too old for this cr@p.

I'm sure it's normal child behavior. They should grow out of it if the proper dicipline is provided.
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