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3 y/o refuses to eat
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3 y/o refuses to eat

My little man is refusing to eat...why? Because he says everything makes him poop.
Apparently he doesn't like to poop.
He is obsessed with this pooping thing. He even waits until it's coming out before he heads to the potty.
I have tried to explain to him that pooping is normal and that if he didn't do it he would get very sick.
I have no idea of what to do anymore.
I give him vitamins and omega tablets, milk and juice, and then spend the rest of the day trying to bribe him into eating. Yesterday he ate an apple...3 minutes later he had to poop. Now he refuses to ever eat apples again because "they make me poop mommy ."
I've had him re-watch the potty training videos because they tell them that going to the potty is natural, etc.
Nothing phases on him.
How much longer can this possibly last? Every night at bedtime ( for the past 5 days now ) he cries because he's hungry...makes me feel unfit. I'll ask him what he wants to eat, and he says " will make me poo."
Then he cries for milk or juice.
Are there some sort of supplement drinks for children?
The pediatrician's office is closed for the holidays...can't get him in until after the New Year.
Know of any snacks that children just can't refuse?
I'm sure he'll eat chicken nuggets from Mc D's but...don't really want to "go there."  We tend to buy that for him as a special treat once every 6 months or so...usually when he's had to go in for some sort of testing or dentist trip.
I blame that on my neighbor. lol. He only feeds his kids junk food...and he offered some to my little guy when he was over there playing once. And of course the little guy thought that was the coolest thing in the world.
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Any chance the child is being teased by other kids if he is seen on the loo?  Any chance someone has done something to his anus and told him it was because of his pooping, and he didn't like it?  (There was a rather well-known sexual molestation case where the man claimed to the kids that he was cleaning sand out of their behinds, so they started telling their mom they didn't want to go to the beach because they would get sand in their behinds.  They didn't say because of his "cleaning," they just didn't want to go to the beach.)  Any way to get behind why he doesn't want to poop, i.e., what unpleasant thing he associates with it?
If he doesn't start eating solids soon it's very likely he'll end up with "starvation diarrhea",  which is nasty!  Milk might keep him from having this,  but if he only drinks water and clear juices he'll probably have a case of black/green horrible diarrhea in the next few days.

You could tell him that nothing will keep him from pooping - and if he wants normal,  solid poop instead of constant diarrhea he should eat healthy food.
I would give in to fast food just this one time to make him it again. Mention how much fun it was to eat, and pooping right after is no big deal.

A child psychologist woukd help... If you can see one soon!
Thanks to all. Going to take him for junk food today...he DID have green diarrhea last night.
Also going to call his ped on the 7th when they reopen.
Don't think the Annie is on the right track with this particular this little turkey refuses to leave my side.
Way too clingy! I had problems with my third oldest too. He had the worst case of separation anxiety the psychologist had ever seen when he was 5.
But this little guy is worse!
He sits here all day and night saying " I love you mommy "...and needs confirmation of my love for him at all times.
I'm not allowed to do anything...seriously. If I start to clean house he freaks out, throwing himself at me, saying that I don't love him because I won't sit with him. I can't take a shower without him standing in the bathroom. I can't go anywhere without him! He's driving me insane! lol
The only things to happen to him in the past three years were:
My dad passed away when he was 1 1/2, then his daddy almost died when he was 2, and my last grandparent passed away a week and a half ago.
Maybe the whole death thing is bringing this on?  
Not the pooping thing, but the clingy thing.

Wonder how long it will take to get him in to a child psychologist...still waiting for him to see a specialist about Tourette's...and it's been 6 months already.
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