Can a 2 year old have a growth spurt?
by adgalBlank, Feb 05, 2012
2 questions in 2  I am wondering if growth spurts are common in 2 year olds?  I have read conflicting info...some sites say yes, others say children this age tend to grow at a steadier rate (I think it said about an inch per year).  But I would swear my 2 year old is having a growth spurt.  He is eating more all of a sudden and when I dressed him this morning the pants he fit into last week he can barely get into.  So obviously something is going on.  His current eating habits sort of remind me of the growth spurts he had as an infant.  Is this common or is he just finally catching up a bit to his peers?  Thanks so much!!
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by specialmom, Feb 05, 2012
Oh yes, I think kids have growth spurts.  One day my sons pants are just right and literally the next time he wears them, maybe a week later, they are far too short.  This just happened this week with one of my kids.  

They grow way too fast!
by adgalBlank, Feb 05, 2012
That they do.  Looks like I'll be spending a bit of time today packing away clothes that no longer fit...again.