My son doesn't care that he pees his pants please help
by arizonacrystal, Sep 06, 2011
I potty trained my son at 2 1/2 he did very well for the first few months. But after a few month he started to pee his pants a little every time he had to go to the bathroom. Then over time he has gotten much worse he is 3 1/2 now and now he doesn't even go to the the bathroom when he needs to go. He just lets a little pee leak out at a time into his underpants until either; I see the spot and tell him he has to go and to go the bathroom or until he has really wets pants and feels like hes going to explode. I am at a loss of what to do... I really dont feel like he will ever get it that is is NOT ok to pee in your pants a little at a time. I tell him 100 times a day "Don't let any pee into your pant make sure you go potty if you feel like pee is going to come out.". But he still just pees in his pants... I have tried rewards for good behavior. If he keeps his pants dry till lunch he gets a special treat.... Still he pees his pants. We have tried time outs for wet pants. I let him pick out a pack of special underpants that he loved and still he pees them. I have tried months of just no reaction when he wets and I just reminded him to go to the bathroom when he lets a little pee out. It has been about 8 months of the behavior and I really dont feel like it is getting any better or will ever get any better.  He is amazing with pooping he never has accidents with this and for the most part he makes it to the bathroom every time before anything comes out. We haven't tried night time training yet because he wakes up very wet every day and I feel he is not ready. Both my husbands and my family have had a history of bed wetting so we are waiting till he is older for night time training. I just dont know what to do about during the day because it's not like he has full out accidents he just pees himself a little at a time all day long. Now he has just started relying on me noticing his wet pants and telling him to go to the bathroom and change his underpants. I have been told that he would figure it out as he gets older but so far he had just gotten worse as he has gotten older. PLEASE any advice would be so helpful! I am so tired of every one telling me "he'll get it just dont worry about it" or "wow my kids never did that, that's strange". The sad part is I really want to enroll him in preschool and they wont let me until he is fully potty trained which at this point I dont even consider him potty trained at all. What would you do?
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by gabrieal88, Jan 02, 2013
i am having the exact same problem my son is 3 1/2 someone please respond i need help
by MissmyAngel, Jan 14, 2013
Have u two had your kids checked out by the doctor for a uti?
by firebird1016, May 26, 2014
I used to do the exact same thing. The feeling when you start to "go" is a rather good feeling. It is wet, and warm. Try to take this pleasure away from him by doing something like not buying him new clothes because he pees in every one of his pairs of pants. The pants and/or shirts will start to become stained with the smell of pee. He will soon not want to wet anymore.