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My mother's right hand tremors
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My mother's right hand tremors

My mother, 48, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2011. She has consulted to several neurologists but all have prescribed her with different medicines to control the tremor but only for few hours. They have even said that there's no treatment for it. In fact there is probability to it's spreading from the initially affected part to other parts of the body on the same side and then eventually advance to the other half of her body, i.e, from Right side to Left side of the body.

My question is, if there is no way in which it can be cured, is there any way by which the tremor can be prevented from spreading to other parts of her body by some Exercises or Pranayam or Reiki Treatment?
Hello There!
My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's back in 1998.

Do you live in a smallish city/town? It seems that the neurologists can't come to a consensus on how to treat your mother. If possible, I would see about going to a larger city and perhaps meeting with a specialist who treats Parkinson's patients.
We ended up having to go to St. Jude's in Chicago.

Currently, my mother has had the brain surgery, the neurotransmitters (sorry, my kids woke me up early) on both sides and while that has helped with her physical movement, pulses can stop and they are not able to go in to replace them.

As for exercising, aerobic and learning-based exercises are the best for Parkinson's patients. Walking, dancing, Yoga, Tai Chi (we did this), Paced walking (no slow pace) , hiking but use a walking stick, Swimming (no laps).
Strength training won't assist her in loosing up the stiffness and the muscles.

Also, to help probably lessen the tremors, try:

Avoid touching the tremoring limb.
Try to decrease the stress in her life.
Try cooling/warming compress on the tremoring limb.

As for preventing the spread of the tremors through her body; I'm sorry, but from my research, it can't be stopped. Through dieting, proper medication and exercise can the tremors lessen. The neurotransmitters have helped my mother greatly but it's been since 2000 since she has had her surgeries and sadly, the parkinson's is catching up with her now.
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