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mood swings
Hey ladies!

My cycle is due in 3-4 days and is experiencing a few symptoms. Here is the list.
1. Nausea
2. Tired
3. Diarrhea (tmi, sorry)
4. Sore breast/nipples (one night it woke me out my sleep)
5. My mother looked at me one day and said "you just don't look the same, you look sick by the eyes. Are you pregnant?"

And yesterday I had the craziest one to me, mood swings. My bf and I was JOKING and he said "hang up then". Jokingly I did and it took 4 hours for him to text back. I was almost crying, sad, mad, and hurt. Which is crazy because I am SAID to be the most heartless person people know lol.
Looking back on it I would have just called back and laughed it off.

Anyone else had this happen to them???
I'm waiting until after af is due to test but I'm curious to hear what u guys think the results will be.
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