Has anyone tried Castor Oil to Induce Labor?
by ramseyh17, Oct 02, 2008
I was just wondering if anyone has tried drinking castor oil to induce labor? I have been doing research on this and I am considering trying it if labor doesn't start on it's own soon. Just thought I would see what you ladies thought about it. I have heard a lot of good stories and then some that say that it doesn't do anything but make you have the runs. So I would love to hear your opinion about it.
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by MommyDee86, Oct 02, 2008
I havent tried it myself but a friend of mine did. She mixed it with orange juice and it made her go to the bathroom and about an hour later she was in labor. I think the orange juice helps not only with the taste but with it working as well.. I know that it is probably the safest way to induce other then nipple stimulation which rarely works. And of course there is always sex.. Good luck and if you do try let me know how it goes.. im not quite there but if im overdue like i was with my first boy i will be doing whatever i can to induce this one out.. LOL
by BTS1022, Oct 02, 2008
I was wondering the samething lol. I have contractions all day, and im dilated to 4cm and 100% effaced, and Conner has finally engaged....but is holding on for dear life in there lol. Im half tempted to go try it myself. I know it can make you have diahrrea(sp) sorry....and nausea. But whats different from the regular pregnancy symptoms? lol.

If it doesn't work, atleast you won't be constipated lol
by mamaofonetrying42, Oct 02, 2008
My mom did this with  my sister, she said it made her go #2 all day and it was painfull. But she did end up going into labor the next day!
by AnitaRFrith, Oct 02, 2008
I have heard allot of folks say thats not safe at all.
by ovaz129, Oct 02, 2008
My friend used this with her first pregnancy.  She was over a week late and her midwife (she was at a birthing center where they only use "natural" techniques) suggested castor oil.  She was in labor later that day!  So, it worked for her :)  Good luck... because yes, it does give you the runs!
by BTS1022, Oct 02, 2008
All castor oil is is a laxative, and even though they say it may increase the chances of meconium they don't know how true it is. Most people who use Castor oil are already over due and passed their due dates, and babies who are over due tend to pass meconium anyways, so they are not sure if the castor oil even plays in the role of baby having a BM in utero(sp).

If it wasn't safe then I doubt midwives would still use it to this day. It is actually safer than using black and blue cohosh (herbs) because cohosh can act as an anticoagulant, and you can suffer severe blood loss during labor. I would much rather risk a BM in utero then risk bleeding to death.

BUT, no matter what you do, if your body and baby are not ready to come out...nothing will work. This is why im debating on using it, do I really want to spend this beautiful day on my toilet for nothing lol. But in my mind it doesn't hurt to try. It is actually safer than the drugs that hospitals use to induce you.
by kazwel, Oct 02, 2008
To add on to bts info.

Castor oil is not a nutrient and it doesnt get absorbed by our bodies.  So it cannot be transferred to the baby and cause merconium.

All it really does is "coat" your insides and it does come out with the direahha (sp)

by GRose, Oct 02, 2008
I have heard that it isnt really a good idea. I'm sure you have tried these already but here are a few ideas that can get things moving. Sex, nipple stimulation, and going for a walk. I really believe that walking helped my labor speed up.
by AnitaRFrith, Oct 02, 2008
My friend wanted to use it an he said that some dr's say it ok to use it.  But others say that it can cause deydration from the diarrhea.  An deydration can make it harder on you during labor.  I would not take it.  Its just to uncertain.