How long does it take to get pregnant after ectopic pregnancy
by msb77, Jul 29, 2009
Hello, I had a ectopic pregnancy is Feb 2009. My first period after that was 5 weeks. Now its every 4 weeks. How long does it take to get pregnant again. I do not take any  kind of birth control. Some months my periods are very light and some are heavy but only 2 -3 days.
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by niki_beth, Jul 29, 2009
First of all I wanted to say that I am very sorry about your loss.

Have you talked to your Dr? Did they give you a time frame that you should wait? If not and/or it has already past, then I would start by charting or using OPK's (You can find cheap ones on the internet... sometimes they even come with free pregnancy tests!) to figure out exactly when you are ovulating. This will give you the best chances of bd'ing on the right days! Also another thing I've heard that has helped many women (including myself) be successful in TTC is bd'ing every other day from the day your period stops until at least cycle day 20 (depending on how long your cycles are... longer if you cycles are more than 28 days).
I think that I've read that if you are under 35 that you should try for a year before you would need to consult a physician... Over 35 6 months... But if you ever feel that something is wrong it never hurts to get a second oppinion.
Best of Luck to you! Lots of Baby Dust!!
by kbenk, Jul 30, 2009
i had an ectopic pregnancy in March 09. I got my first period in may 09 and havent gotten it again since. im going on 2 1/2 months late.  Im now getting mild cramps that come and go and im starting to get "fluttering" in my lower abdomin area. I've posted 3 times on here about the same thing.. and havent really gotten any advice. Im in the same boat as you! good luck.. let me know what happens!
by mummyangel, Jul 30, 2009
My ectopic was in april 09 resulting in removal of left tube........... I went on birth controle for 3 months after and Im just starting ttc again

I've had my period every month since, just been to see my OBG today and she gave me the go ahead to start ttc again, my remaining tube looks in pristine condition,
and went on to say that because I'v conceived easly the last 3 pregnancys...
1st son whos 6 years conceived first try.

2nd daughter whome i lossed at 5months pregnant conceived first try.

3rd ectopic conceived on 4th cycle after loss although I didnt try straight after loss, left 2 months in between so realy conceived after 2 cycles

so she said I'm prity firtile and that is should'nt take to long to conceive this time, yes yr more at risk of another ectopic but she said less than 10 % so you have a 90% chance of it being in the right place

Hope this helps blowing baby dust yr way ;}
by msb77, Jul 31, 2009
Well my doctor told me to wait four months. I go by the fertility calendar on the internet for my conceived days , but nothing yet.........

I dont know what to think....
by butterflybabies, Aug 09, 2009
I am sorry for your loss! I had an ectopic in June 09....I was able to keep my tubes..The doc told me to wait 2 months before trying again..I got my 1st period 4wks after my ectopic..We are starting to try again..The doc told me I had a 50% chance it happens again..although I heard that thats just a number the doctor gives to scare you and cover their butts in case it does..but I have read on numerous places that the percentage of a repeat is only 15% so I really dont know if its 50 or 15%..but Im trying to focus on the half that it wont be...Well good luck on your ttc journey..and everyone else SSBD!
by charmaine96, Aug 09, 2009
I am really sorry to hear about the etopic pregnancy I am currently going through a loss of a baby myself now and the doctor thought it was an etopic pregnancy.
There is alot on the internet about etopic pregnancy, if you search the subject on google
I know it is much easier to get a straight answer for yourself but I am sure if you do some studying on the internet you will find what your looking for.
You need to be careful though because it is likely another etopic pregnancy will follow and also the chance of being infertile.
by Peppergirl305, Sep 28, 2012
I have a 6 year old I had through c section then I had an abortion that I regret in 2011 april. Then I had a d & c from ectopic 2012 march. My dr said I had scar tissue and thats what caused it. She removed my right tube and scar tissue. Now I am pregnant and we are both heathly. I am 8 weeks and the babues heart rate is great and I an well. So. Dont lose faith you may want to make sure notjinf is blocking your other tube