Sharp vaginal pains at 38 weeks pregnant
by Nat2210, Feb 19, 2009
I have been suffering with dreadful and very painful sharp shooting pains which goes right up inside my vagina for several weeks now!!
This is my first child & i am now 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant.
I have mentioned this pain to my midwife when i saw her and she just said it was preparation for the birth.
Does anyone know exactly what it is? Why have i never heard of it? Even my mum who has worked as a maternity care assistant for 10 yrs seems a little baffled by my symptoms!!
The pain over the past 3 weeks has got worse & more frequent and i seem to get it no matter what activities im doing.
The pain goes as quickly as it comes but its pretty awful & i find myself gasping in pain as it happens which is a little embarrasing if in the middle of a busy public place!!!
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by justice6920, Feb 19, 2009
I know exactly what your feeling.... I am 37 weeks and for the last couple weeks I have been having sharp shooting pains down there or what feels like in my Cervix and there pretty painful, they come and they go.... its not a constant thing but does occur every day, every once in a while.... and man it hurts..... The doc told me the same as your mid wife... Just the body prepairing for birth.... kinda feels like the cervix is thinning or stretching getting ready to dilate! Lets hope that this is the reason and its doing some work down there!!!
by worriedbabe, Feb 19, 2009
my i hope it's not preparation for labour. i've had shooting pains in my vagina the past few days and i'm only 15 weeks!!!
by sammarie05, Aug 06, 2009
im 37 weeks 4 days preg and im gettin the same sharp vaginal pains its happening more regular and is very painful when i told my doctor he said that ur getting ready for labour and that it wont be too long b4 baby comes.i guess its just the waitng game now which does feel like forever,im goin to ask to be induced tmorrow i really cant take no more of the swollen hands and feet lower back pain n the vaginal shooting pains! i hate being preg.goodluck to u all xxxxx
by jpot, Aug 07, 2009
My mid-wife and my chiropractor said the same thing to me - it's the soft tissue in between your pelvis, in your between your pubic bone area that is inflamed/agitated. There's nothing you can do about it :-( (not even icing it) but it will go away after birth - which means a few more weeks of shooting pain in public places and at work!!! Sigh.
by steff338, Dec 11, 2009
im 38 weeks  and 3days pregnant and also geting the same pains its horrible and making me very nervous this is my 2nd child and i dont recall avin these pains hope all goes well 4 u all whos pregnant congrats x
by kellie2003, Jan 04, 2010
Myself been start to feel them and im 18 weeks and 2 days. I just started to feel them for a couple of days now and having really bad stomach pain along with it. So i dont know what i should do.
by diamondintherough79, Jan 04, 2010
I started having shooting pains up there and into my tummy, but the doctor assured me it was only because of the positioning of the baby, she is sitting on a nerve. It was to the point that it would bring me to my knees on occassion. OUCH.
by bobicrisan, Apr 09, 2010
Hmm...I am 37 weeks and 2 days along. I have been having these same pains every day for the last couple of weeks. Also in the last couple of weeks I've gone from 2cm dialated and 80% effaced to 3 cm and almost all the way effaced + the baby's head being all the way down (whatever that means) My nurse told me she doesn't think it will be long poss in the next few days. I have been having increasing pains since my appt. 2 days ago and I'm wondering if this is early labor. I do think I've had some back pain but nothing regular however I have a lot of BH contractions and some hurt in the lower pelvic area. I really don't know if I should call my dr. or just wait until I have the type of contractions they say that start in the lower back and mover forward. I'm gonna wait it out for now, but I'm miserable and the waiting is deff. a hard thing to deal with. I want this baby + I want my body back.
by rpadgett, Jul 29, 2010
I'm 34 weeks 5 days and i've been having that very sharp pain for weeks now. I asked my dr about it and she told me its the babys head sitting right where it needs to be and that i was already a little over 1cm and starting to thin out. At first only happened when I would walk but the past couple of nights and mornings it happens in my sleep and while i'm resting and the ":rock your hips from side to side" trick makes it worse. I've also noticed I get a lot of braxton hicks right after it happens. and lately every muscle in my stomach is so sore when my baby kicks i cant enjoy it bacuse it hurts so bad. it honestly feels like i've been doing crunches in my sleep. dont know if that would have anything to do with with pain but it definitely seems to be getting worse. This is my first pregnancy and I dont want to be a mommy that goes to the hospital thinking she sin labor every 2 weeks but it is a little worrysome...